13 March 2013

How to | Removing Glitter Top Coats

One of my big bug bearers is removing glitter nail varnish. I love glitter top coats at the moment, they are just so pretty and adds a bit of texture to your nail. However, I dread taking it off! So I made it a little mission to find an easy way to do this that didn't damage my nails too much...

So, I start off with a nail file, any old one will do, this particular one is just a cheapy one I got in my stocking. I use this to try and file off some of the glitter on the top coat. This loosens it and removes some of it as well.

Then, I stick my finger into Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover - there are loads of different types of theses nail varnish removers so any one will do - swizzle my finger around in it then pull it out. Usually there are still a couple of bits of glitter on there so just another couple of swipes with the nail file and it's clean off.

I do find that this can be quite damaging for my nails though as you are filing away the surface so I try to combat this with this beauty, which is The Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuitcle Oil. Just a couple of clicks to release the oil, then brush onto the nails, massage in and it just helps to keep your nails conditioned and happy.

Now you're ready for a new coat of colour!! Just don't forget the base coat!!

How do you remove glitter top coats?


  1. I've never tried filing the glitter before, will give that a go! xx

    1. it works haha! well, 90% of the time.. it's not a perfect solution, but it helps! x

  2. This seems so easy I'm so lazy I avoid wearing glitter polishes just because I hate removing them haha! Going to check that cuticle oil out my names need it! x


    1. O dw i'm like you - i avoid it if i can haha! x


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