15 March 2013

Any Size | Leather

This week is another trend that's meant to be huge for spring, and the first in a while that i've not featured in! I asked you guys on Twitter what themes you thought I should do and this seemed to be a popular choice so voila! Any Size - Leather!

Again, no size 14 - please let me know if your this size and want to feature as I could do with more bloggers of this size!

size 8: Katrina from Carousel Diary
Spring shorts and leather in one go! Not only that but she's thrown in a gorgeous monochrome shirt to boot (slightly in love with this). Love this look on her and it's a subtle leather!

size 10: Laura Kate from Lolacolakate
Leather trim is definitely a way to do leather if you're not fully confident in a full leather item. It's a gorgeous skirt and the leather adds that extra chic feel to the entire outfit.

size 12: Hollie from H0lliedays
A classic leather jacket is definitely a safe way to try the leather trend and it never fails to look chic and stylish. I love this outfit and definitely on a hunt for a leather jacket now!

There isn't an Any Size next week, but it will be back the week after! Let me know if you have any suggestions for themes as well!

How would you style leather?


  1. What a genius idea for a post. Enjoyed reading it Lady :)


    Beki x

    1. Thank you :) id love to feature you one week :) will get in touch! x

  2. I love your any size posts, I love seeing how different people style things!
    Katie, xo

    1. thank you hun :) really appreciate it! x

  3. I love your any size posts as I love seeing how different trends can be styled by different people!
    Katie xo


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