18 March 2013

Review | Bourjois Rouge Edition Shade 17


When these were first reviewed on a load of blogs before their launch I was immediately intrigued. And full of lust for many of their different colours. When I finally went to Boots to buy a couple of shades I went to purchase shades 11 and 18, and instead came back with 4 and 17 - bit of a difference!

So this is shade 17, it's a gorgeous pink that's not too bright, and not too nude. It's just right! It's a lot more pink than in the picture, it's got a lovely rose colour to it that I just love. Now, this colour has quickly become my all time favourite lip colour very quickly.

The formula of the lipstick is really nice. It's very creamy as it goes on and it stays for a good hour. So not the longest lasting, but easy to top up and the colour pay off is really nice. The tip is pointed to negate the need for lip liner with this product.

I do really like this and I can't wait to show you shade 4, or to get more of these as I think they are a really nice lip product and I would definitely recommend heading out and picking some up while they are on offer in Boots for only £5.99!

Which shades are you loving?



  1. ooh wow this is such a gorgeous colour, i must try some of these lipsticks!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion beauty & life

    1. I LOVE this colour - and number 11 as well, its very similar but with a touch more coral to it :) x


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