Make Up | Bourjois Rouge Edition Shade 4


When I bought shade 17, I also splashed out on shade 4 as well. I wasn't planning on it - however my friend Andra picked this shade up to wear to an event and I loved it's dusky pinkness... So I bought this one as well.

It's basically a fab everyday colour with a bit more pink in it than my actual lip colour. It's a gorgeous dusky pink shade that makes my looks like great - even the boy likes it and he hates lipsticks!
As with Shade 17 is has a bullet type shade to negate the need for lip liner (yes!) and applies perfect.

I can't get over how creamy and moisturising the consistency of these lipsticks are, they're just a pleasure to wear and this colour has been on my lips nearly everyday since I bought it. If you are looking for an everyday shade with a bit of pink in it this is definitely your shade.

Which shades should I try next? What's your favourite everyday lip colour?


  1. These are really nice lipsticks, I still have yet to buy one and that is because I could not decide which shade to pick.

    This is a gorgeous shade, so is number three :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I know the colours are gorgeous! I love number 11 as well - that's a really gorgeous pink! x


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