14 January 2016

Style | Accessorize January Sale Haul

Usually I try to avoid any sales in stores as it drives me crazy, I just can't handle the stress. However, I was given Accessorize vouchers for Christmas so I felt it was time to break tradition and go and have a look. So let's see what I came home with...

I do enjoy a good accessory sale, I usually focus on clothes in sales and forget accessories, so these vouchers were somewhat of a blessing. 

First thing I really wanted was a new bag. I have a great one from Radley which is awesome for work, its big, contains everything I need, but is quite bulky and heavy for weekend trips shopping or evening visits to the cinema, so I wanted something a bit more compact. I saw this 70s saddle bag and fell a little bit in love, my only issue was what colour to go for. I ended up settling for red as it's something different for me - I've never had a red bag before - and as most of my clothing is neutral shading, red seemed like a good fit. It'll fit everything I need, such as purse, keys and phone, without being heavy and bulky. 

The jewellery pieces I picked up aren't on the site so I can't link them unfortunately, but I wanted to show them nonetheless. The necklace was the second thing I picked up. I don't really have any jewellery in this colour but thought it was such a cute piece for Spring (when it appears) thanks to the peachy colour of the stone. On the other end of the scale, I then grabbed these edgy black statement earrings. I can't lie, I just fell in love with them. The look amazing and are perfect to add that little something something to even the simplest outfit. 

I still have some credit left on my vouchers, so who knows what I'll end up picking up on my next visit...

What have you picked up in the January sales?
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  1. I LOVE this bag - what a gorgeous colour! The necklace is really pretty, too, definitely a fab piece for spring :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. I know! This bag hasn't really left my side since. Has so many compliments :)
      Thanks for reading!
      L x


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