3 February 2016

Beauty | 2016 Beauty Resolutions

Yes, it's February which means it's fully into 2016 now. But can we just say January was a trial month? I think that's a good idea. Resolutions are for January, but I've been thinking hard about what beauty resolutions I want to make this year, and actually stick to.

I always find beauty resolutions really hard to stick to, not sure why but I feel like I need a kick around the head to get myself into gear. However, with the wedding come up there are certain resolutions I definitely want to stick to this year.

Getting a Proper Skincare Routine.... and Sticking to it
This is something I'm really bad at. I get products, love them for a week and then loose interest and become lazy with my skincare. It just doesn't get done - and my skin is really paying the price for it now. This year I really need to sort my skin out, and stick to my routine. My skin has changed so much in the past year, I don't even know what I need to sort it out anymore. I need to study my skin this year and really sort it out.

Cleaning my Brushes Regularly
Again, I have never really been one for clean brushes. They just take forever to dry, it's annoying. However, dirty brushes carry bacteria and actually just don't work as well as they should so I really do need to do it more often, and I have been doing so. It's really easy to do, it just takes time and commitment - I just need to make it part of my routine and I'll get used to it.  

Taking Hair Care Seriously
My hair is never something I've spent a lot of time, or money, invested into it. And you can tell because I'm just not happy with it. Before New Year's I hadn't had my hair cut in over a year and it was in bad shape. Now I'm already on my second trim this year, and am investing in good hair care products and time. It's already showing for me, and I'm much happier with it already.

Getting Back into Bold Lips
For the past couple of years I've not been that bothered about lip care, or wearing bold lips. But I have missed it and I'd love to get back into bold colours, or just having my red lips. First I need to take control over my lip care so I can get away with wearing the the bolder and darker colours. Something that will actually last the day as well would be good. 

What's your beauty resolutions for 2016?
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  1. Do a review on that shampoo! Nice post xo


    1. Definitely will do! I picked up another set from the brand so I'll be doing a joint review/compare very soon :)
      Thanks for reading!
      L x


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