10 February 2016

Life | Balancing Work and Life

I'm not a full time blogger, as you probably all have guessed. Everyone my age has some sort of job, or career, that they spend their life working at, their life trying to prove their worth. I am one of those, working in a job that I enjoy,  I know I can do and I want to move up in. Wanting, and doing however, are two different things. So whilst I'm trying to prove that I can do my job well, and am worthy of moving up, I also have to remember to keep a good work and life balance.

This is hard. Of course it is, especially when you in your twenties trying to prove that you're worth investing it, worth believing in. I have this on a daily basis, trying to balance work and life, wondering whether I can continue working that little bit longer, or whether I should go home to my fiance and cat. It's a hard balance to strike, and I do still struggle with it. But here are a few of my best tips to keep in mind if you struggle with the same issue.

Make Week Evening Plans
Not every evening of the week, but a couple evenings a week make plans that you can't break or push back. For me I play squash every Wednesday with my fiance, which means booking a court. This can't be moved, and I'll make plans with a friend on another evening. I put these in my work calendar to block the time out as well so no one can book a meeting etc. This is good because it will force you to leave on time, and still do something outside of work that maintains your 'you'. It's a good push to make you go.

Always Prioritise & Stay Organised
If you stay organised at work and keep on top of everything then you should be able to keep this balance. When I start my day at work I write out a new to do list every day, and prioritise each task. If I can I try to put a timed schedule in for the day, however it's not always possible. In most cases I just prioritise my work and work through everything systematically. If I stay organised and on top of everything, by the end of my day I should be able to go home in the knowledge I've done my work justice, and still get to go home to my glass of wine.

Think Long Term
If you're like me you want to progress and you want to move up as quickly as you can, with as many skills as possible. This isn't easy, it takes hard work and commitment, so you're going to have to work extra hours and earn some skills in your own time. For me however, it's worth it because I can get where I want to go. I work hard, I kick myself if something goes wrong, and I then work harder. It is tiring, and it can get overwhelming. But if you think long term, it'll be worth.

My best friend recently send this quote to me:
Good things come to those who wait, Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.
Remember this and it'll help you with your balance. The main thing you have to remember is what do you want out of life? What are your priorities? I want to be able to provide a good life for my family, and the way I can do that is by working hard now. 

How do you balance your life?
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  1. I love this post! It's so motivating. Right now, I'm struggling with a work/life balance in terms of all the things I need to do AFTER work that aren't even work related, but I need to learn to take 5 or in-fact take a whole night off or two because overdoing it doesn't help anyone. Great post, thanks for sharing your tips!

    Cat | What Cat Says

  2. Making evening plans during the week is such a good shout, I work mainly evening shifts so this is quite hard for me but on my days off I do try to make plans with friends if I can - Tuesdays are usually pub quiz night! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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