30 October 2015

Beauty | Fighting Tired & Blemish Prone Skin

For the past few weeks I've been having major skin issues. I was incredibly tired, I was stressed and pushed to my limit, and it was reflecting on my skin. I have spots breaking out everywhere, dry patches galore and it just looked incredibly dull. Thankfully I have a ridiculous amount of skincare products in storage and I found just the products to sort me out.

I am usually very lazy with skincare, I will do the absolute bare minimum if I can get away with it, however I stepped it up in this period of time and I'm happy to say my skin is pretty much back to normal. I do think a week off with doing nothing more than sleep probably helped as well, but skincare products have worked a miracle.

Instead of using purely a micellar water to cleanse (bad lisa) I threw in a really creamy cleanser in the evening. The Ren ClearCalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser is incredible, it's ideally for blemish prone skin (ding ding ding) however, because it's also quite a creamy cleanser it's also very nourishing so it helped to add some much needed nourishment, as well as trying to combat the blemishes. I always go back to this cleanser when I'm having skin issues. 

For toning, I spritzed my La Roche Posay Serozinc morning and night and it really helps to just tone down the soreness and the visibility of spots. It just is that one extra step that I always notice if I don't do it. Then for a targeted treatment I pop on another La Roche Posay favourite, the Effaclar Duo+. It's a great treatment cream for blemishes, but the newer formulation (well, it was reformulated a couple years ago now) is a lot more nourishing than the original so it works well as a moisturiser as well. It just does wonders on blemishes and really shrinks them down. It's perfect.

Lastly, I put aside my usual favourite Kiehl's primer and commited to The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, it just reduces the appearances of blemishes, and pores, so it just helps to make the appearance of your skin look much better and also primes the skin so well before make up, making sure make up applies smoothly so it doesn't accentuate any blemishes.

What products help you when you're skin fights against you?

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