1 November 2015

Wedding | Engagement Photos

You may have seen a few weeks ago I put up a post about the make up I put together for our engagement/pre-wedding shoot. Well now it's time to reveal the photos themselves. I'm so happy with the results and I couldn't be more excited to see what our amazing photographer does on the day.

The idea of a pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot is to give you and your photographer a better idea of how to work well together. I loved the experience. Our photographer is the lovely Hana Venn, we booked her ages ago when we met her and just loved her style but also her - we did spend about 80% of our time talking about cats and 20% the wedding. We decided to have our shoot at Portchester Castle in Hampshire (near where we live). My parents got married here and it's just a beautiful setting. Hana hadn't shot here before either so it was a really nice experience for all of us. We went just as the sun was setting so we had some beautiful lighting in these shots. I'm so happy with them, but take a look through and they'll do the talking. 


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