2 November 2015

Beauty | Product of the Month: October

Favourites posts are a massive thing in the blogging world, and whilst I love watching them I find it really hard to switch it up every month as I do use a lot of the same products. So I've decided to switch it up a bit and will instead just be choosing one product a month that I've loved more than anything else.

This month I've picked an amazing budget friendly product, the Maybelline Master Scult Contouring Palette. It's been making it's rounds in the beauty world, however when I first got it I wasn't 100% sold on it. However, this month I've probably lived off of this product for many reasons.

Firstly, if you haven't heard of this before it's a little all in one contouring palette, it comes in two shades, light/medium and medium/dark - I've gone for the light/medium as let's face it, I'm a pale arse. You get a mirror and a brush (which honestly I haven't used) and if you look online you get the beautiful Mollie King showing you exactly how to use it.

In the palette you get one big circle with a contour and a highlight shade. I've always adored the highlight shade and maintain it should big bigger - but I love that it's more of a glow than a glitter, it's very natural and blends so nicely. The contour shade I was on the fence about but I think it's more because I've always used a warmer tone. This is definitely a cooler toned contour shade with a greyish edge to it and I have warmed to it completely. I think because the weather has gotten cooler I have definitely reached for it more and I think it's the perfect shade for my cheek bones right now. These two paired together are the perfect contouring pairing for me right now.

I have also been using these as something completely different as well - eyeshadow. Wha? Basically I've been using the contour shade as a base shadow, covering the entire lid, and then built it up in the crease with an oversized crease brush to put a bit of natural definition in the eye. I've then patted the highlight on the middle of the lid and blended slightly to increase contour on the eye and the result is so so naturally pretty. 

I am loving this palette for all of these reasons, I'm sure I'll keep loving it going into November but I'm also so excited to see what comes out for Novembers product of the month!

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