5 November 2015

Beauty | Handbag Essentials

I recently did a massive clear out of my bag when I started my new job this week but I was sure to keep all my beauty essentials in my bag in the cutest little make up bag. It really is quite a simple selection, however I always think if you have a good make up routine then you're not going to need too much throughout the day.

This is literally the cutest handbag, make up bag in the world. I'm so pleased I got it, it's just adorable and it's perfect as my bag is also navy. Hello matching! It does fit most of this in the bag, I tend to leave out the lippie and I'll explain why in a moment.

The first couple of products are definitely in a bit of a Zoella theme, opps. But I do love these products and I've been addicted to them since I got them so my handbag wouldn't be complete without them. The Zoella Blissful Mistful is a fab body spray, it's not overwhelming so it's the perfect top up fragrance throughout the day. It's also perfect handbag size and is super cute. A bag in autumn is not complete without your favourite hand cream, and mine is currently the Zoella Wonder Hand Moisturising Hand Cream. Again, the scent is subtle and it absorbs quickly as well so none of that horrible residue is left. It's lovely and nourishing and is the perfect fall accessory. 

I always have to carry a concealer around with me, and considering I use different ones for different types it does depend on what skin annoyances I'm currently facing as to what goes in the bag. However, at the moment it's definitely the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which is perfect for covering blemishes and at the moment that's my biggest issue. It's very handbag friendly size and I love it. Then we have the not so budget friendly item of the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm. I honestly couldn't use any other balm, it's so nourishing and perfect for on the go touch ups. Lastly I like to pop in whatever lipstick I'm wearing that day. At the moment it's most likely to be the Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection or Rimmel's Kate Matte in 107. Both great shades, the nude for day and the 107 for night.

I love these handbag essentials and I couldn't imagine running around without them now!

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