19 October 2015

Beauty | Cheeky Zoella Beauty Haul

I have to admit, when Zoella first launched her beauty products I was really excited and very happy for her, but I never really felt the need to rush down to Superdrug and buy it all. It may have been because I was more make up obsessed at that point. However, after the launch of some of her newer products I felt the need to put in an order. Finally. 

Before these products I had only really used the fizz bar from the core collection, which I loved putting with a good old bubble bath. However, now I've got these other products I am confused as to why I waited to so long to move my arse and order. Anyway, recently Zoe released some new products to her core collection and I fell in love with a couple on sight. Which then prompted me to actually really try some of her other raved about products as well. I may do some full reviews soon, however I thought I'd pop down my first impressions so far...

One |
It was love at first sight when I saw the Lace Collar Purse - I love navy, and I love lace so it was basically like this was made for me. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet... I'm starting a new job soon so will probably go in my (newly organised) work bag with make up top ups, maybe a hand cream and some spray. But just look how cute it is? It is the perfect size for your handbag and the material looks like it's super easy to clean as well. A win for me.

Two | 
I do love me a good candle, however I love diffusers for my bathroom and bedroom so when I saw the Hey Roomie Reed Diffuser I knew I had to give it a go. On first sight it's so pretty, incredibly cute! However I will probably remove the bow as I'm just not a bow person (sorry). The scent is very subtle and it took a good couple of hours before I noticed it, however so far I do like that it's just a really nice subtle scent. It is a little big fruity which I quite like and so far I am enjoying it. As you can see, Fred is also loving the new diffuser. Either the scent or the sticks...

Three | 
It is getting to that time of year where my hands need some added moisture, and I was bored of my usual favourites so I picked up the Wonder Hand Moisturising Hand Cream. I love the packaging - however I had issues removing the foil (but that's more due to my long nails than anything else). It's super cute. As for the cream itself so far it's on a par with the Soap & Glory Hand Food, I love the subtle scent and it doesn't leave my hands oily or tacky so I can get straight back to typing once I've put it on. So far, so good!

Four | 
The Soak Opera Bath Soak/Shower Gel is one of the most hyped products in Zoe's range so I was really intrigued. The smell is nice, again subtle but a nice fresh girly scent. I feel so far that this really comes into its own when you run it under the tap to go into your bath. The scent really opens up and my body feels so silky smooth afterwards. I can definitely see so far why it's been so hyped. It's quickly becoming a bath essential for me.

Five |
Last but not least is something I've wanted to pick up for ages but for some reason just never have. Probably the most popular product in the range, the Blissful Mistful is a body spray, is a super pretty bottle and has a super pretty scent to match. I usually hate body sprays as I find the scents are too deodrant like and they don't last - but Blissful Mistful so far surpasses all of that. It's become a handbag essential for me and my go to scent.

I'm looking forward to trying all of these more so keep an eye out for some reviews. I also cannot wait to see what Zoe brings out for Christmas as it's all going on my list to Santa...

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