24 October 2012

DGJ Organics Hairjuice

DGJ Organics Hairjuice Everyday Shampoo £5.99*

I was a fan of DGJ's Hangover Hair shampoo so I was excited to try another one of their products. Hairjuice is a Honeydew and Watermelon Shampoo which is meant to gently cleanse hair of impurities and stimulate the scalp to strengthen hair.

My hair is prone to breakage so I was interested to try this to see if it made a difference. If I'm honest, I really don't like melon. I don't like the taste, and I'm not a fan of the smell so the scent of this shampoo really didn't do it for me. However, if you like a fresh scent shampoo then you'll like this and if you like melon you'll love the smell.

The shampoo itself was really easy to use and left my hair feeling really nice and soft. I didn't notice a huge difference with the breakage of my hair, however it did leave my hair feeling light and clean. Exactly what you want from an everyday shampoo!

I just wish I liked melon (sad face) because it really is a nice product!

Have you tried this product? What haircare would you recommend for breakages?

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