2 November 2012

Ask Her Friends

 I was very proud of myself this weekend. I actually went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING... in OCTOBER! Eek. How very un-me! My new theory is, if I get it all done now - more money to spend on me in New York. It's all purely selfish. Anywho, I love Christmas shopping, but it can be an absolute nightmare for others... So if you are having issues I really do suggest you visit this fab new site I have discovered... askherfriends.com

The idea behind the site is for boyfriends to be able to find their lovely girlfriends an equally lovely present through the help of their friends and family, via social media. Sounds complicated? It's really not. As soon as you get on the home page you're hit with "let's get going.." so you go through a little quiz about the girl and they come up with suggestions.
I have to say, I did this based on myself and it was very close. It even suggested getting me the entire Friends boxset - if I didn't already have it I would have bought it for myself! Then, you have the option to ask her friends and family for advice on any items, all via the click of a button. It's that simple.

Askherfriends.com has such a huge range of products from different brands and boutiques such as Pretty Dandy, Two Red Trees and Ginger Pickle. I had a traul around and I fell in love with some much. It's a huge range of products to choose from, you can hardly go wrong!

I would definitely recommend giving this site a go if you're struggling. I'm quite lucky with Adam as he usually hits the nail on the head (last year I got a blue Radley bag... heaven! until someone got biro on it, BOO!), but I know others who are always left a little disappointed by their boy's choice - don't let this happen men!

This site isn't just for men though - it's for anyone looking to purchase something for women, be it your mum, sister, friend etc. It's the perfect and easy way to find the best present for them!

Have you tried askherfriends.com ? What do you think of this idea?
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post*

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  1. I actually do like christmas shopping, but I am always doing it the last minute, so I will check out the site now to get a head start this year like you did:)
    xx Kate



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