18 November 2012

Pandora Pure

Pandora "Pure" Watch in Gold

I made a little "Big Birthday Present" list a month or so ago for my birthday here, and my lovely lovely parents bought me the beautiful Pandora watch that I wanted - and here it is! Isn't it gooorgeous!

It has a light gold leather band, with a silver face with gold detailing. It's very pretty and I do feel like I am a proper grown up now I have my own posh watch! It comes in a gorgeous box as well with a little secret compartment! (I need to stop saying gorgeous so much).

I think I am a bit in love with this watch, I am a bit scared of cracking it at work so I am gonna have to be careful. But I do feel like a real live grown up with my watch - which may sound incredibly weird but it makes sense it my head! It's really comfortable as well, it doesn't pinch and it's just o so pretty!

What's made you feel like a grown up? And synonyms for gorgeous please?

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