16 November 2012

Models Own 3 in 1

Models Own 3 in 1 Nail Varnish £5

I bought this a couple of months ago with the hope of strengthening my nails. I have heard that OPI Nail Envy was a bit pants so I didn't want to fork out for that, so this 3 in 1 varnish from Models One seemed like the perfect choice.

Not only is it a nail strengthener, it is also a base coat and a top coat. I've been using this as all three and there are definitely some pros and cons. Here is what I think about each purpose...

Nail Strengthener:
If I'm honest, I've not really noticed that much of a difference. They don't bend quite so quickly, but then that could be either down to this or me actually filing them down and taking care of them for once. Either way it seems to be very gradual.

Base Coat:
Best base coat I have ever used, hands down. It glides on easily, the nail varnish goes over the top of it really easily and more importantly - it holds the colour really well. It even keeps my Chanel on longer than a couple of days = miracle worker!

Top Coat:
This is where I'm a bit iffy. It goes over the top easily and looks really shiny. However, it takes FOREVER to dry. I left it for half an hour the other day, knowing it takes a while, thought it was fine so got on with normal life, five minutes later and there are impressions all over my nails - not impressed.

Overall, I have been using this more as a base coat then anything else as I think that is where its strengths lie. Even using this as a base coat and no top coat, it still works really well at keeping the colour on. So in that respect, big thumbs up from me!

What nail strengtheners do you recommend?


  1. I don't mind this over some colours but I find because it has a blue tint to it, if I put it over nude colours, it makes it look lilac :( x

  2. I have this nail varnish too and have the exact same problem with the drying time but I agree that it's a great base coat x


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