26 November 2012

Life Through a Lens #7

birthday lunch with bro  |  parents at birthday lunch  |  FOTD  |  new hair product
drunk with the sis  |  fireworks  |  my birthday cake with numbers round wrong way  |  birthday girls
drunk with the bestie  |  new dress  |  niece with cone  |  new watch
more fireworks  |  enrapture curls  |  summer nails  |  dark lips

So, this is the first life update I have done in a LONG time. And I'm sorry - it's not much of one. I've been a bit remiss with pictures of life lately, I had to scrap these together eek! Anywho, it was mine and my mummy's birthday on the 13th november. I got this gorgeous Pandora watch and a butterfly birthday cake!

Today is actually a BIG day for me and Adam. It's our 5 year anniversary (eek!) which means I finally get my DSLR camera! Am very excited and will keep you updated on my progress with it :) in return he gets a big ass TV... which is also a pressie from me seeing as when we EVENTUALLY move in together it will go in our lounge.

Also, Mum and I are off to New York next Friday - it's come around SO quickly and we are really excited. It's going to be COLD but there we go, bring it on - I cannot wait!

Anywho! I have a giveaway going on at the moment for some awesome scrapbooking software so check that out here and don't forget you can get $10 off with my unique code found on the same post! Enjoy!


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