21 November 2012

Wishlist: H&M Comfy Jumpers

blue christmas jumper  |  light gold cardigan  |  purple jumper  |  grey marl jumper  |  pink marl jumper

You know when you find a jumper you REALLY like? The fit is perfect, it's the right thickness, it can be smart and cosy? Yup. I found that jumper from H&M recently - I am in fact writing this in said jumper. So I found this jumper and then thought "I know, I'll go on their website and see if they do it in different colours/patterns"... And they do - the purple and grey one you see above are the same jumpers in different colours!

However, while I was browsing I fell in love with a few others as well... So I thought I would do my top H&M jumpers that I would love to take to New York with me. I have already ordered the Christmas jumper, it's such a good price and it's so so cute! Perfect for lazy christmas days and wondering around cold days. Parfait!

Where is your place to get your comfy jumpers from? What's your favourites?



  1. That blue Christmassy one is gorgeous - I love a good snuggly jumper!

  2. I love H&M jumpers, I got a christmas jumper from there last year and it's still my favourite! x

    OCBeauty Blog x

  3. Love the Christmas colour, you don't normally see blue ones x


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