15 November 2012

my christmas list

Now my birthday has been and gone (sob) I can now look ahead to Christmas! So I have compiled a mini list of things I would quite like :) mainly fashion bits and pieces but also a DVD...

1) Knitted Necklace Jumper from Topshop
This would be perfect for New York, but because Christmas comes after, I'm more than happy to get it from that instead and wear it throughout the rest of the Winter months. I love the detailed necklace and the on trend khaki colour of the jumper itself.

2. Khaki Faux Leather Sleeve Safari Jacket from Fashion Union
I know, this has been making the rounds lately, but I wasn't sure until recently, and now I've fallen a tad in love with it! I definitely see the practicality of it and the beauty - Lisa want! It's the perfect all season jacket and again - the perfect on trend colour!

3. Karina necklace in Oyster Quartzite from Lola Rose
Lola Rose has to figure in my Christmas list somewhere - my collection needs growth people! This style of necklace is gorgeous, I don't have one like this as yet and I love this stone, it's quite summery but goes with absolutely everything!

4. Vivienne bracelet in Shadow Quartzite and Rose Quartz from Lola Rose
And another one... I fell in love with this bracelet when I saw it. The combination of the stones is very pretty and flattering to the other. I don't have one like this as yet - so fingers crossed! But it is gorgeous. So so pretty indeedy!

5. Bones Series 7 DVD
So, totally off subject - but I got season 6 for my birthday and I'm DESPERATE for Series 7 so I can continue. I have watched Bones since it started, and me and Adam love it. I love the humour, the chemistry, the guessing of the killer. Best. Series. Ever.

6. Aztec Velvet Skater Dress from Topshop
Another item I was a bit iffy about, mainly cause I'm not a huge velvet fan - but I keep seeing this and sighing, it really is gorgeous and the perfect Christmas day dress. Teamed with woolly tights and some ankle boots and voila! The perfect outfit.

So, this is my first real Christmas list for this year - if I'm honest what I would love is a house and a car, but there we go! I will just have to settle for Bones...!

What's on your Christmas list?



  1. I want to start watching Bones because I love the Kathy Reichs books and they're based on that right? xo

  2. A house and car would definitely be at the top of my wishlist too!
    However, I love the jacket and and velvet dress - so pretty!

    http://danielleyc.com xx

  3. I like the jumper! I actually have some knitwear on my Christmas wishlist too as well as some perfume and John Green books.

    style sincerity


  4. I love bones so much, crazy enough my dad turned me onto it and now we watch it together;)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department


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