21 August 2018

How to Stay Strong & Exercise

I always liked the idea of being someone who enjoyed exercise, and got something out of it - other than pulled muscles and achy limbs. But it just never really happened for me - until recently. After my PCOS diagnosis, and a good couple years of feeling like the fat friend, I feel like I've finally found my trainer clad feet, and I'm finally enjoying exercise.

I'm that kinda person whose had about 5 gym memberships over the course of my entire life, and it always goes the same way. Join - go about 4 times in the first week, 3 in the next, and then slowly dwindles down until I cancel. Last year I got a lot better as I joined with my best friend, and we did a couple of classes a week which was great - but it still didn't keep my engaged. So when I joined this time I knew something needed to change - I needed a goal.
Other than the whole "manage your PCOS weight and lifestyle or major health issues" piece, I still felt like I needed something to aim for - something that wouldn't allow me to give up or get lazy, something that would really push me. So - in a drunken haze whilst in Ireland earlier in the year - I decided to sign up for the Great South Run. A 10 mile run... when I literally couldn't walk up my stairs without feeling winded. And it was one of the best things I've ever done.
I now have a goal - be able to run 10 miles by 21st October. Which means I have a good reason to push myself, and something to aim for. A real reason - other than weight loss - to get fit and strong. So when I go to the gym, or a Park Run, now - my focus is always the same. To be better than the last time - whether that's adding more distance, or getting a better time, I'm always pushing for some sort of improvement. And when I don't - I always feel really disappointed in myself. Knowing that I'm going to have to do 10 miles in October is such a huge push - I'm a stubborn woman, so there's no way I'm not going to give it my all and I'm not going to give up. So having that huge incentive and push is massively helping.
But more than that - I actually enjoy running. Which is weird. I always feel better once I've been, I feel lighter, I have more energy and it's also a huge stress reliever. Me and running, we're becoming pretty good buddies. To the point where I already know I will want to carry on, even after the run in October.

As well as having a goal, something that really helps me is having a good gym outfit. Sounds bizarre and very shallow, but it's so true. I'm much more excited to go out and get ready if I'm excited about my outfit. Which usually involves some sort of jazzy bottoms. This is where Just Strong come in. I'm obsessed with a lot of their pieces, but I had to pick up these turquoise 3/4 leggings. Firstly - they're blue, and secondly they're just fun and jazzy. They also fit like a dream and are super comfortable. Plus point as well - they don't go see through where they stretch a bit more over my more curvy areas whereas I've found some gym leggings have done that. So these are a huge hit. They do cost a little more than my usual trips to Tesco or Sainsbury's exercise department, but they're definitely worth it for the quality.
And I'm sorry - but how incredible is this pizza tank top? Just Strong have lots of slogan tshirts and tanks like this, which add a bit of fun to the gym outfit - and also let's people know the real reason your working out. I've had SO MANY comments on this. In terms of quality - it's great, still light enough I'm not going to boil in it without it being see through, and very comfortable to work out in. 
I'm super impressed by Just Strong, and the quality of their pieces - and would highly recommend them! So much so that I have a discount code for all your lovely readers so you can get 10% off any of their products. Just use LISASAG10 at the checkout, and your discount will appear! Designing check out their slogan tanks and t-shirts - I'm going to be hoarding a load of those myself!

How do you stay strong?

Much Love, Lisa May x

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