15 August 2018

My Top 3: Glossier Make Up

Have you heard of Glossier? No? Have you been living under a rock? Glossier is quite possibly one of the most hyped up brands I've come across since I started blogging, and honestly I was pulled into the hype. So much so that I have actually tried almost every single product from their make up range. I'm sorry bank balance, I truly am. But - is the hype justified?

I wrote a little post a while back when they first released in the UK, however I've tried a few more products since then, so I wanted to give an updated opinion on these products, and highlight my top picks - the ones I would repurchase, and recommend to anyone else.
But what are my top 3?
In no particular order...
How did I become some a highlight fanatic in the space of year? Who knows... Anyway, I bloody love this highlighter. It's the one make up product from Glossier that I wear every single day, without exception. I take the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush (random, I know), and use that to apply this along the tops of my cheek bones, my brow bone, cupids bow and nose and the affect is so pretty. It just gives a lovely natural light to the area, without being super subtle that you can't see it.
On low key days I just set with some powder, and leave as it - but on a lot of days I set and then put a powder highlight over the top and it really does help to give it more oomph. I really do rate this product. I have it in the share Quartz which has a pinky undertone to it (matching the skin tone, obviously), and it is stunning.

This was one of the first things I picked up from Glossier, and I've loved it ever since. It's a loose powder, however it has a mesh over the top so it stops all the messy business you'd get with a normal loose powder. I always think loose powders give a more natural, airbrushed finish, and this one is no exception. It has a slight colour to it so you get a touch more coverage, and the finish is perfect. It's not super matte - so if you are oily and need to heavy duty setting powder this won't be for you - but it just gives a nice, natural finish and holds the make up in place. If you're wearing a glowy base, this still let's that shine through without it looking wet or oily, which I love.
I like to apply this with a damp sponge under the eyes, and any areas I know make up tends to rub off first (chin - I'm looking at you), and then I take a big fluffy brush and press it into the rest of my face. It's not as long lasting as a setting powder - mainly because it's not a setting powder - however, this is one of the best finishing powders I've used, and definitely has some great setting properties in it.
I feel like this is one of the most underhyped products from Glossier. When they launched earlier this year I didn't really see much on them, and I was a touch confused. However, I ordered a pair anyway (Fawn and Cub), and I'm obsessed. These are my low key eyeshadow days - the days where I can't be bothered to put in a transition shade, or put primer on. I just take these, put over the lid, blend in with either my finger or a dense eyeshadow brush and voila!
I'm not a huge liquid/cream eyeshadow person as I find with my eye shape they just crease. But these - what crease? They stay in place all day, without a primer, they don't budge or melt in the heat, and they don't crease. They start super subtle, and then you can build them up to the colour you want, they are easy to blend out and they play well with powder shadows if you want to put them together. I'd definitely pick up some more colours, and I hope they bring out some others - like a champagne gold, or a nice bronze. That would make my life.
As you can tell from the video, there are a lot of other products I really like (Generation G lipsticks and Boy Brow for example), but if I had to narrow it down? These three come up top.
What's your favourite product from Glossier's make up range?


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