29 August 2018

Urban Decay's "Beached" Eyeshadow Palette

Everybody loves a taste of summer - am I wrong? I have to admit, it's one of my favourite times of the year for new make up and beauty releases. There's something about summer packaging and shades that just makes me feel all warm and glowy inside. I also feel with summer you can get away with experimenting with different colours more than any other time of the year, which is why I was so please when Urban Decay bought out their new "Beached" collection, which included an eyeshadow palette with turquoise in it. Yes, turquoise.

I would never usually go anywhere near a blue eyeshadow unless it was navy. My skin is slightly cool toned, and my eyes are brown - blue has no business being on my face. But - summer just does something to me that makes me want to experiment. The Urban Decay bought out their "Beached" collection a couple of months ago I was intrigued, but I didn't bite the bullet as I just wasn't sure if it was different enough for me to justify purchasing. However, those blues and coppers kept calling my name so when I saw House of Fraser had reduced the price, I added it to my basket - as well as one of the Vice lipsticks from the collection - and voila. I now owned blue shadow.

Urban Decay are known for their high quality cult Naked eyeshadow palettes, and this is actually the first palette from them I've picked up that isn't from the cult range. So I was definitely intrigued to see if the palette held it's own against the firm favourites. So let's do some quick stats about the palette, and then we'll get into my thoughts.

So the palette itself is £28.00, and for this you get eight shades in total, 7 of which are metallic and 1 of which is matte. At the top you have two highlighter type shades, and then the rest of the palette is coppery toned, and then you have the two blues. Each shade is 1.3g, which means you're paying around £3.50 for each shade. If you compare this to one of the Naked palettes - you get 12 shades in one of those, again 1.3g each and these cost £39.50. So in a Naked palette you'd only paying £3.21 for each shade. So not too dissimilar. The formula is described as being super long lasting, and it won't budge in the summer heat. So what did I think?

The shades are gorgeous - I'm not going to lie - they're incredibly pigmented, and are incredibly pretty. They apply really nicely, they blend well and they do last. However - I would still advise using a eyeshadow primer purely because the majority of these are metallic, and it just helps to hold that finish in place for longer. They have the same great quality as the Naked palette, which was completely expected. I was also able to create some really great looks with this palette - 16th Street in particular is the most incredible metallic copper shade and I'm obsessed with it. The turquoise shades are also stunning - Double Dip is so pigmented and the colour pay off is super pretty. I actually love putting this across my lower lash line for a pop of blue with the copper shades on my lid. However - my one big gripe with this palette is that there is only one matte shade. While it's a great matte, it's a bit too dark to be a transition shade, so I had to build it up lightly and then go to the depth I want it to be. However, there's then no darker matte to deepen the crease up, or add more definition. I feel like either of the two darker shades - the deep blue or the dark brown could have been a matte instead just to add more dimension and options to the palette.

I created two different looks on my channel recently, which you can watch below if you need some inspiration. So it is doable - and the palette itself is really nice. The quality is there, and the shades are gorgeous.

Do you need it in your collection? No, absolutely not - this is definitely more of a "fun" palette to bring out when you're feeling a little bit sassy. The copper and gold tones in this you can get in a lot of other palettes out there, but if you want them all together with the blues - then definitely pick this palette up while you still can.

Much love, Lisa May x


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