6 September 2018

The Unicorn Candy Collection

Rewind five years and there wasn't even a unicorn emoji, now there's unicorn themed things everywhere. One of my besties has a unicorn phone case with glitter, and on many occasions I have just sat playing with the glitter and unicorns. Like a totally normal human being does. The beauty industry is now different.

You guys know I am a huge fan of Baylis and Harding, and it's Beauticology brand has always done some amazing ranges - especially targeted at their younger target audience. However, I feel like their new Unicorn Candy range is on a whole other level. I mean - LOOK at the packaging. How adorable? I'm going to say something a bit controversial - I'm not actually really into the whole unicorn trend - but I am obsessed with this packaging, it's just so cute. Anyway - onto the products.
The range consists of three items, and they're all available exclusively at Boots, all £3 and under so super affordable. The range is a very sweet smelling range, scented with cherry, chocolate and vanilla. I definitely get the cherry, and it wasn't until a friend said the other day and it clicked exactly what it smelt like - cherry bakewells. I expected the range to smell sweet - it's unicorn candy, come on - but this is probably one of the sweetest ranges I've smelt from Baylis and Harding. Personally for me it's a little bit too sweet, but I know people who would absolutely love the scent of this, and it all ties in with the branding of this product.
In the range you get the classic 500ml hand wash (£2.15)* - what's a B&H range without a hand wash - a 500ml bath foam (£3)*, and a 500ml shower crème (£3)*. As always with B&H, the quality of the products is up there with some higher end brands I've tried. They always boast affordable luxury, and I honestly believe it's so true in their case. These products also contain shea butter, so is really going to help nourish the skin as well as clean it.

Their hand wash is always my go to - I have about four spares in the house - and it's because it doesn't just clean your hands, but it nourishes as well. With some hand washes, my hands always feel dry after but I never get that with these, and the Unicorn Candy wash is the same. Also, the scent is still very present - which is great - but it does become more subtle as you apply it to the skin. The bath foam is great - I am super fussy when it comes to bath products because I've used so many -but this gives the right amount of foam, the right amount of scent and my skin feels so nourished when I jump out the bath. The only thing for me again is the scent is a little too sweet so I usually add in a bath bomb or milk that tones it down a touch. Last but not least we have the shower cream, which I actually think is my favourite out of the three. It has the subtlest scent, so that helps in a way, but it feels so lovely on the skin and leaves me feeling clean, fresh, and nourished. I can also use this with shaving my legs without shredding my skin which is always a win. I've actually been reaching for this more than my Rituals shower foam, which is a complete favourite of mine, so it's definitely a winning product.
Overall - I think they smashed this collection out of the part, the scent matches the brand, and they haven't compromised on their usual quality. It's very trendy, affordable and super cute.
I'm so excited as well because I'm giving one of you the chance to win all 3 products from the collection! Take a look below to see how you can enter, there's 2 mandatory options - follow me on Instagram and comment below with your favourite range and email - and all others give you additional entries. You must be in the UK to win, and it closes in 2 weeks! Good luck!

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  1. I like the Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit range


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