28 September 2018

Top 5, under £5

Everyone loves a good make up bargain right? Especially me.. and especially at this time of the year as 90% of my money is going on birthdays and Christmas presents. So I thought it'd be a good time to pop together my top 10 under £10, and also my top 5 under £5 make up products.

The video for my top 10 under £10 went live earlier this week, so you can see that here or at the bottom of this post - but I wanted to highlight (in writing) five products, that all cost under five bucks, that beat most high end versions.

They've recently bought out a super size version of this as well, but the original version is just £4... and it gives most high end concealers a run for their money. When it came out it was hailed as the perfect dupe for cult classic Tarte Shape Tape - however I've never been one to spend high on concealers because I know drugstore brands do these so well. What I love about the Revolution offering is that it comes in a bucket load of shades, it's super easy to apply and blend, it covers my dark circles without much effort or product at all, and it lasts all day. What more could you want? It's definitely a make up bag essentially.

In the past year I've really gotten into my highlighters, and I honestly wouldn't leave the house without one now, I just feel so flat and dull. But this one in particular is my everyday go to, and my favourite - without a shadow of a doubt. I have it in the shade Precious Petals - but obviously want more and they also bought out liquid versions as well so... Watch this space! Anyway, I love this because it doesn't take too much work to get a really POW highlight, but you can also use it lightly to create something more subtle. It gives a beautiful glow to the cheeks, nose and lips and lasts really, really well. I'd say it lasts longer than any others I've tried. I've actually hit pan on this... Which tells you a lot!

I've spoken about these before, and although I've used a lot more palettes since picking these up I still think these are really great value. There are a few different options, and generally you get mattes in one and shimmers in another. Personally I think the shimmer shades are better than the mattes - you get more pigment and they're softer - but both are really good. The mattes blend nicely and you can build them up really easily, they're also not patchy which I can find some cheaper matte shadows to be. And the shimmers are beautiful - they buttery soft, super pigmented and again - really easy to blend and apply.

I'm not usually a huge fan of eye pencils, but these are so flipping good. I have four of the shades - black, green, purple and nude and I use them all a lot. The nude is perfect on the waterlines to brighten up and open up the eyes, the green and purple had a little shimmer to do them which makes them feel a bit more special and the black is just a really good dark matte black liner - that stays all day. They're easy to smudge out if you want more of a smoke when first applied, but once they dry/settle they are not budging all day. They really are waterproof, and they're also really easy to use. Now I just need to sharpen mine!

So right on the edge of our budget here, but it really is worth it. I have worn this pretty much nearly every day all summer. I always get really dry lips, and I feel like a lip oil really helps and this one is really, really good. The applicator is a little rough so it's good at scrubbing off dead skin, and then puts a really comfortable, nourishing lip oil in it's place. It made such a big difference to the condition of my lips, but it also looks really nice on top of a matte colour or lipstick if you want something a little more glossy without the usual lip gloss formula.
I'd love to know what you top beauty products are under £5 - you can't beat a budget product that is super high quality.

You can also watch my top 10, under £10 below - don't forget to subscribe!

Much love, Lisa May x


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  1. I love the look of the Wet and Wild highlighter! xx



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