3 October 2018

ColourPop x KathleenLights Zodiac Collection

For the longest time I've wanted to try products from ColourPop. I always see American/Canadian bloggers raving about the brand and their products, but I've always gotten a bit overwhelmed by how much I want to order from them. So when Kathleen Lights bought out a collab with them all around the Zodiac, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to finally place an order.
If you're not sure who KathleenLights is then just click here - she's one of my favourite YouTubers so she's a great watch. She's collabed with ColourPop before, however the Zodiac collection got me really excited. Firstly - the packaging is navy - and secondly, I loved the colours and tones in this collection and knew a lot would work in my everyday make up routine and wants. So I ended up buying the entire collection...
I did film a first impressions which you can see below, however I wanted to give an update on my thoughts and let you know what products are worth buying from the collection, and which ones you could leave.

So this is definitely the "hero" product of the entire collection, you get 12 shades - one for each of the zodiac signs - and there's a mix of satin, matte, shimmer and glitter shades. There's also a huge mix of shades, which I was a little worried about as I wasn't sure how it would work to create cohesive looks but it actually works really well.
The quality of the shadows is beautiful - they are some of the best I've tried, and the really metallic shades such as The Scorpio and The Gemini is buttery soft and super pigmented. I think the metallics are my favourite formulas of the bunch. The mattes as well are pigmented and super blendable. I haven't had an issue with any of the shades so far, however I do definitely use some more than others. The Taurus is basically my perfect transition shade for most looks, and then The Libra is perfect for more cool toned, pink or purple looks as well. The Cancer is a great one for an inner corner highlight and The Gemini is a beautiful gold shade to go over the lid. I have to love The Scorpio - because I am one, obviously, but it's such a beautiful plum shade and I do see myself using this a lot over the autumn. The two I've used the least are The Aquarius and The Pisces, which are very pretty - however I just find they're not as wearable as the others, but they are super statement shades.

I have to admit these were the products I had the lowest hopes for - I'm not usually a liquid/cream eyeshadow kinda gal, but I wanted to give them their chance and the colours just looked so pretty.  Afterall, the Glossier versions surprised me. Astrology is a very pigmented, typical yellow gold with gold glitter running through it, and Constellation is a stunning pale rose gold with silver glitter in it.

The formula of these is a lot better than I was expecting, they're wet when applied but they blend out very easily and dry down quite quickly. What I like about them is that unlike over cream/liquid shadows they don't cream or flake off quickly. They do work better if there is a primer, or a plain shadow underneath first, but they do last really well and are very pigmented. Obviously the more you blend, the less pigmented they get (same as any shadows), but they work better if you pay them in with a flat dense brush or your fingers. My favourite of the two is Constellation - I've definitely used that one more and it i sjust beautiful and so wearable. These really surprised me, and I would definitely pick up more shades of this formula.

I was so confused by the product... Honestly I'd never really read a full review, so looking at the images I assumed it was a powder highlighter. You can see in the first impressions video I was surprised to find it's more of a cream to powder formula. It took me a little while to find out how to best apply for me - I played with brushes, fingers and a sponge - and I like to apply with the tip of my slanted sponge, and then bounce in with the curved part. It seems to work for me!

On The Cusp is a beautiful gold champagne shade - it's definitely one of my favourite highlighter shades. It's very flattering and gives a natural glow rather than an in your face POW highlight. You can definitely build it up to get there, but I find it works better if you keep it natural otherwise it starts to look a little too shimmery. Fire is more of a deeper gold shade which would be beautiful of darker skin tones. Personally I haven't used it much because it's a bit too dark for me as a highlight, but you can use it as a wash of colour on the lids and it looks very pretty like that.

I've heard a lot of good things about these lipsticks, so I was really excited to try them. You know me - I love a good lipstick. I was fully expecting to love Scorpio Moon the most. Firstly the name, and secondly it's a cool toned plummy nude which is my favourite shade in Autumn. And it is beautiful - very pigmented, super smooth and the shade is stunning. However, I've actually fallen head over heals for What's Your Sign, which looks like your typical nude but I can't stop wearing it. The shade is very flattering, and the formula again is great.

The formula of these lipsticks is one of the best I've tried. They glide onto the lips, are super pigmented, have a great wear time for something that isn't matte and are very comfortable to wear. They've shot up to one of my favourite ever lipstick formulas and I'm very impressed.

I was full expecting to maybe not like something from this collection, but other than a couple of shades that I don't use as much, I really like all these products. The quality of the formulas are really great for the price, and it's definitely pushed me to try more of their products. Yes, it's shipped from the US so takes a couple of weeks to get to you, but the products are well worth the wait.

Don't forget you can watch my first impressions below - and subscribe as I'll be doing a video soon showing you have to create a couple of different looks using the palette.

Much love, Lisa May x


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