15 October 2018

The Body Shop Pumpkin Vanilla - What Autumn Would Smell Like

Body care is something that definitely isn't a priority for me. It never has been and I think it has more to do with laziness than anything else. So when I find a collection or a product that sends me head over heels, I feel like I have to rave about it. If I find something that makes me want to sit there and put body butter all over me, than I know it's something special.


Enter The Body Shop's Vanilla Pumpkin collection - limited edition and oh so autumnal. I first saw it and thought meh, not that into vanilla. But then I remembered my favourite ever candle has vanilla in it and quickly paid more attention. I've not really had anything pumpkin scent before either, so when I placed an order for my recent gift video, I also chucked in the hand cream. After a couple days using it I promptly went back and picked up the shower gel, body butter.... and another hand cream because I kept loosing the one I already had around the house.
First let's just talk about the formulas. I have always been, and will always be, a big The Body Shop fan - I was an at home rep once and it's always one of my first port of call for new body care pieces. Their shower gels are really nourishing, I don't usually get on with gels because they tend to dry my skin but they don't tend to do that with this brand. Plus the level of scent is always really good - it's not over the top but you can definitely smell it. The body butters are world renowened for a reason - they help your skin feel a-ma-zing, sink in really nicely and don't leave a greasy film. And the same for the hand creams, nourishing and sink in nicely so I don't get a greasy oily keyboard.
Now the scent - as I said, vanilla on it's own isn't my favourite scent. My favourite candle is vanilla and cinnamon, so I just feel like vanilla paired with something else always just seems to work. I've not really smelt pumpkin before I don't think, so I was intrigued. And now I'm just so in love with this scent. Which makes me so sad because I know it's limited edition so may need to stock up. It's very easy to wear - it's not overpowering, it's not too sweet, it's got a bit of spice to it and it just smells like I think autumn would do. I wish I could bottle this and put it into a perfume, or a body spray because I'd wear this all the damn time.
I just love this collection and felt the need to share it - this isn't sponsored or anything like that (I would be so lucky) - but I just wanted to gush about a collection. And as I said, it's a big deal when I love body care and want to use it, so I wanted to share the love.
Let me know what your favourite scent is from The Body Shop and if you have tried this! I also popped up a video recently going through the new Christmas scents so watch that below and don't forget to subscribe!


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