30 July 2018

How & Why I Lost My First Stone

I never truly worried about my figure, or my weight up until my mid twenties probably. I had always been slim with curves, I had always been below a size 12. Why would I worry? But it's when you get comfortable that you start to realise things may not be as good as you first thought. That actually, you probably should pay a little bit more attention to what you're doing.

I'm not blind, or stupid. I've known for the past couple of years that I've put on a few pounds (*cough* stones *cough*). But it wasn't until I went to the doctor earlier this year that it really hit home that I needed to sort myself out. I wasn't huge - a size 12/14 - and I wouldn't say I was fat. However, I was told earlier this year that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which affects how insulin breaks down sugars and certain types of food in your body, which then makes it very easy to gain weight very quickly. The more weight you gain, the more it affects your hormones which screws up your cycle. It's basically a bit of a vicious circle.
Although PCOS can be managed by drugs, it's so much healthier to do it via your diet and lifestyle - and it's so much better for you in the long run. That was the kick up the arse I needed. Now, I wouldn't usually share this amount of personal information with my weight and such - but I feel it's so important for others in my situation to see it is a doable, and also important for me to see how far I've come.
At the beginning of this year I was almost 14 stone. Which is shameful and I was so embarrassed. So I started eating better, and snacking less. When I was diagnosed with PCOS I'd lost some of that weight, but I knew I still had a long way to go and carried on gradually. But something inside me clicked in May, and I thought no - I need to do this properly. I wasn't taking it that seriously, and I was just ambling along. That's when things changed.
On 28th May I took photos of myself, and at that point I weighed 13 stone 7. I had bought the Body Boss nutrition guide and exercise book, and I had rejoined the gym. I started doing the thrice weekly exercise plan in the book, but I didn't feel like it was enough in terms of weight loss. There was a lot of toning exercises - but I needed more aerobic pieces. And from my research on PCOS, aerobic exercise like running and swimming is the best kind to help manage the weight and keep a healthy lifestyle. The food however - loved it, and it was changing my views on what I could and couldn't eat, and how to change my attitude.
Then during the first week in June I went to Cork with my in-laws, and during a drunken evening with my husband decided that I should do the Great South Run - a 10 mile run. Drunk people make the best decisions obviously. The next day I thought, actually, why not? It's a full on excuse to make me do regular aerobic exercise and get fitter, and gives me a target deadline. So, I made my husband join the gym so that we could go together and train. I have to say - having him go as well made me go so much more. We have gotten into a routine of finishing work, and going straight there together. It's so much easier to motivate yourself to go if you're going with someone - especially someone you're living with who you've asked to kick your butt if you don't do it.
Since then - I've gone about three times a week, and have been building up the distance I've been running without stopping to walk. To begin with I'd do around an hour, walking for about 60% of it. I was then building it up bit by bit, pushing myself more and more. Now - about two months later - I can run 5k without stopping, and have done a few times in a row now. That's something I would NEVER have been able to do two months ago. I'm still going three times a week, and I'm still building up my distance. I'm also still doing healthier meals from the Body Boss plan, and also incorporating some more PCOS friendly meals into my diet. I've found I'm snacking less, and when I have been out for dinner I'm definitely eating less as well.
This weekend I asked my husband to take another set of photos - two months on. I also weighed myself and was beyond ecstatic to find that I've lost a stone in the past two months. I now weight 12 stone 7 - which is a big deal for me. I was so excited when I finally went under 13 stone, but to know I'm still going - around 2 lbs a week - and I've hit that first stone mark is absolutely incredible. I'm so proud of myself, and it's great motivation to keep going. I've also discovered that I really like running, I find it so therapeutic and great as a stress relief method.
I still have a long way to go - don't get me wrong. According to my doctor I still need to loose about another 10lbs - 1 stone to be at a healthy weight for my PCOS, and the run I'm doing in October is 10 miles and I'm only up to 3. Plus, that's all been on the treadmill - I need to start running outside as well to get myself used to the environment. But I've come a long way since I started and I'm even more determined to reach my goals.
Not only that - but I have found that since losing the weight, my cycles are slowly going back to normal - which was the point in the first place - and my hormones around that time aren't quite as volatile as they have been. I feel so much better in myself, and I feel like I'm moving in a really good direction.
One stone down, another to go. 3 miles done, 7 more to go...!
BTW - let me know if you'd like to see more on here about my PCOS diagnosis and journey, or any other fitness bits and pieces. Not an expert at either... just sharing my experiences.
Much love, Lisa May x


  1. It's interesting to hear how you've made changes, I feel like I may have something "wrong" with me in that I've put on two stones in the past 12 months. I'd be interested in hearing more about the diagnosis (mostly whether the doctors take blood samples, I'm so scared of needles) and things like diet plan/meal prep, and fitness advice too. I've tried all kinds of diets and workouts but find it hard to stick to it xxx

    1. Yes - I put on weight SO quickly it's insane. But it's really hard to get rid of it. I'll definitely do a post about my diagnosis - basically they took a couple rounds of blood (sorry! - I hate it too), but they also do an ultrasound on my ovaries as well to see if they were polycystic... which they were. Thanks for the interest - I will definitely be posting more stuff around this :)


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