28 March 2018

Treating Myself to Choo

I may have bought myself something quite pricey. Something I wouldn't usually purchase myself, or be able to justify normally. However, sometimes it's okay to treat yourself, and every time I now look at this purchase I think "yes girl, you're awesome" and I feel like a girl boss. So let me explain why...

Ever since I was little I've always wanted to be a career girl, I've always want to work hard and work my way up and be successful. My Dad is a great role model in that respect and it's probably where this drive came from. And when I started my first job, I said to myself then when I hit a certain level, I would buy myself something to say "well done, be proud of yourself", because you know what? It's bloody hard to progress in jobs and companies, and working hard isn't easy. So when you hit a pretty big goal, why shouldn't you do something to commemorate it?
Not only that, but when I looked back on my career so far, it was the first time I actually thought to myself - no, you've got this far because you're good at your job. Not because you're lucky, or you're in the right place at the right time, but because you can do your job well and you're getting recognised. It was a weird feeling. Nice, but weird. I think as human's we're conditioned to not give ourselves praise when it's due, definitely in my case anyway, but sometimes you know what - praise yourself people.
Just to give you an idea, here's some quick stats that made me feel pretty girl boss:
  • Been in my career for just under four years
  • Have worked in 3 companies during this time
  • Just been promoted for the fourth time
  • More than doubled my salary in that time
When I looked at it like that I was like, okay yeah, I deserve a very special treat. PLUS - my newest promotion coincided with my annual bonus. So that basically paid for my treat, and what a treat they are.
I had always said I would buy myself a Mulberry when I hit my target, but when it came to it I just couldn't justify spending almost a grand on a bag - especially when I'm not really a bag person. I love the others I have, but otherwise they're just bags. What I am is a shoe person - in particular a Choo person. I have always loved Jimmy Choo's, they've always been something I've aspired to own, and they're my favourite shoe designer. When I turned 21 my parents bought me my first pair, and my wedding shoes were also Choo's. However - I've never been able to afford to buy a pair myself. So when this came in I thought, I'll just have a little look - and then I experienced love at first sight.

Enter, the Lancer 100 in Dusk Blue Suede. Aren't they the most beautiful pair of shoes you've ever seen in your life? Totally not what I was expecting to find, but I just couldn't resist. They were in my budget, my size and my favourite colour. Anyone else thinking meant to be?
Aren't they beautiful. And actually, incredibly comfortable as well. Usually with pointed heels, or heels without a little platform in the sole, I feel a little wobby or uncomfortable. However, because of the straps you're pretty held in which makes them so comfortable to walk in, and just look that extra bit special.
And whilst my other two pairs of Choo's are special in their own right, these are just that extra bit special for me.
I have never spent this amount of money on myself before on one purchase. Not for a luxury product anyway, holidays maybe, but one item? No. But I don't regret it one bit. Knowing that I bought these, with my own money, just makes it feel that much more special. And every time I look at them, every time I wear them I'm reminded of just how much I can achieve, and just how proud of myself I should be.
They're a very special Choo.
Much love, Lisa May x


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