23 March 2018

Adjusting to Dry Skin

I've never really had to deal with super dry skin. Granted at this time of the year when it gets cold it goes slightly dry, but it's okay. However, for some reason March has decided to give me ridiculously dry skin on my face. And I've had to adapt my lazy girl skin routine to try and combat this.

Typically I have normal/combination skin where I have oily bits, normal bits and occasion slightly dry bits (nose, I'm looking at you), so generally I can have quite a chilled out skincare routine. Make up remover, a nice cleanser, tone and moisturise - done for the evening. Then in the morning I was just using a micellar water to tidy it up, then an exfoliator pad - then a very light moisturiser. Done, happy days. And again, because of this I tend to be happiest with matte/semi-matte foundations with medium to high coverage as it just evens out skin tone, gets rid of my redness and blemishes, and mattifies everything. All good.
But no, March hit, and suddenly it's dry skin city. In particular, along my nose and around that area down to my lips. This seemed to coincide when I had my lip stitched up, so I don't know if it was because of any sterilising or cleaning agent they used on the area, or the anaesthetic they injected - who knows - but it's definitely been super bad above that area of my lip more so than anywhere else. Because of this, my foundation isn't sitting right on top of that area, it's clinging to dry skin, fading quicker than usual and looking pretty crap. Sad, sad times (especially when you're using a £35 foundation). So, I've had to change things up a bit.
I'm very lazy when it comes to skincare, so the idea of having to adjust what I already do was just annoying. However, I've found that just replacing a couple of products has massively helped.
  1. Changing my gel based cleanser for a balm cleanser in the evening: I love the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, however I've just found it to be a little too harsh right now. So I've swapped to the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm which is a lot more nourishing, and isn't quite so harsh on the skin. This has helped to just make everything feel smoother, and also stops the whole process feeling sore on the drier areas.
  2. Removing toners: I use a toner every evening, the La Roche Posay Serozinc, which has been a holy grail product for me to help with blemishes and oil. However, again - it can be drying so I removed this from the routine, and it's made such a massive difference. My blemishes have increased, absolutely, but the quality of my skin and the texture is a lot better.
  3. Including a conditioning cleanser in the morning: so up until recently all I was using to clean my face in the morning was a micellar water. However, because of how dry my skin has been I've felt it just needs something a little extra. So I've increased the amount I've been using the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, which is a conditioning cleanser. I now use this every day to just really clean my face, but also add some extra conditioning agents to it, instead of the micellar water.
  4. Increase the moisture: moisturiser has always been a sticking point with me. Where I get oily skin, some can be too heavy and make my skin worse so I stick to light moisturisers and little and often. But that's just not worked for me right now, so I've started using a more intensive moisturiser every evening mainly in the really dry areas. I've been loving the Clinique Dramatically Different + Lotion, which feels really light but is quite intensive. And in the mornings, I've just made sure I am using the Glossier Priming Moisturiser every day, instead of every couple days, instead as that makes a massive difference to how well make up then goes on top of the skin and how much texture it shows.
As well as skin care, I've found that how I've applied make up, and the type of base products I've been using has changed. Otherwise - I look like a patchy texture made freak. Always sexy.
  1. Removing mattifying bases: as I said before, I've always been about mattifying foundations, they've just always worked for me. But right now - no way. So I've recently switched to light, fresh faced bases that just sit on top of my skin a lot better. The L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation is amazing at this and my current go to. I have a first impressions going up on this tomorrow, but I have been using this for a good two weeks or so now and I can't wear anything else instead now. But something that's easier to get in the UK is the Maybelline 24H SuperStay foundation, which gives a satin finish, so not matte but has more a subtle finish to it.
  2. Use finishing powders, not mattifying powders: Again, mattifying powders like the Rimmel #Insta Fix & Matte is my go to, but again - it just tends to stick to areas it shouldn't when my skin is super dry. So, I've been reaching for finishing powders more than setting powders, in particular the Glossier Wowder powder is a great product.
  3. Use more cream/liquid products where possible: I have found powder products can again, stick to texture and dry patches which isn't so great. So where possible I've just swapped these out for cream products - like the L'Oreal Cushion Bronzer, or the Glossier Cloud Paint, liquid highlighters like Barry M Liquid Chrome. It just allows everything to look softer and actually works really well as you move into Spring.
The quality of my skin is definitely improving, and I think as the weather (hopefully) actually starts to get warmer it should improve. However, I know a lot of people suffer with drier skin over colder climates and this weather, so hopefully these tips can help you if you struggle like I've been!
Much love, Lisa May x

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