29 December 2018

My Top 5 Lip Colours of 2018

Yup, I have enough lipsticks that they warrant their best of 2018 blog post. I am that person. Which to be fair, if you'd read my blogs for a while anyway you'd already know this. However - there's a few that I've used a lot this year that I wanted to share with you all.

I have talked about a couple in my best of beauty 2018 video, which you can watch here, but there are my absolute top five, the ones I've worn more than anything else this year - and I feel like there's been a definite difference in my preferences this year as opposed to previous years.
Firstly, I've substituted reds (which I do still love by the way, and have recently discovered Russian Red which has overtaken Ruby Woo, I know) for dark brick or berry shades, and my usual pink toned nudes have taken on more of a taupe nature. So, in order of my favourites - here are my top 5!
I have worn this most days this year - it's definitely my every day, low key look kind of lipstick. It's just beautiful. The formula is definitely a glossy one so isn't too long wearing, but I do have more pigmented shades and it does leave a stain once the gloss has worn off. But it's very creamy, nourishing and very comfortable. It doesn't feel greasy like some glossy lipsticks. Also, I've found that this lipstick makes the rest of my face appear really glowy - which I've not had before, but I swear it just helps to brighten my entire face which I love. The shade of this one in particular is my perfect nude, it has a touch of mauve to it, but isn't cool toned as it's still got that nude tone. It's my perfect nude and my number one lipstick on 2018.
The first of two Colourpop beauties - these has been a discovery this year. In particular, this is my absolute favourite of the year, and my current favourite nude. Not what I would have worn last year at all, but it's the perfect nude shade for me - completely neutral, not too pink, not too taupe and very flattering for me. Also, the formula of the creme lux lipsticks is probably my favourite ever. Even though they're not matte they're really long wearing, but they're super comfortable and have a beautiful satin finish to them which is again very flattering. I'm obsessed with them, and this shade in particular is my continual go to if I want something a bit more pigmented that the L'Oreal one. Also, quick shout out to MAC's Kinda Sexy, as I discovered that tail end of this year, and that's a beautiful peachy nude which is going to be a staple come Spring.
My go to bold colour of the year, it's stunning. I was on jury service back in January, and one of the other girls that was serving with me wore this and I was obsessed with it. So I bought it myself. It's a beautiful deep brick type of red shade, it's perfect for the colder months and just gives a new spin on the classic red lip. It's also the satin formula, which is my favourite from MAC. Like the Crème Lux from Colourpop, they are super comfortable but still really long wearing and I'm obsessed. This shade has been my go to this Winter, and at the start of the year, and I would highly recommend if you want a new spin on a winter shade.
So yes, another one... There could have been so much more I promise you. But this shade is so beautiful. It's from the Disney Designer collab and I believe you can still get this - but it's my favourite from the range. It's a gorgeous cool toned mauve, that's a bit darker as well so is perfect for cooler weather. It's a gorgeous tone, really unique but I love it. I had a similar tone from Tarte before and when I got that I was like I need to find an affordable lipstick in the same tone and voila! Thank you Disney and Colourpop.
So I'm not usually a metallic lip kind of a girl, however - this shade is just stunning. It's a beautiful. It is definitely a red wine kinda shade, but it has some sparkle to it which gives it that metallic affect. But - it doesn't look overly metallic because it's a dark shade. It's a very subtle metallic which is probably why I like this one so much. In terms of a liquid lipstick formula - I haven't worn them too much this year, but I liked this formula. It's very comfortable, super glossy and although it's thick it dries down really quickly and looks really nice. It wears really well - not the longest lasting that I've tried, BUT it's nice as a statement lip shade and it is super comfortable.  
I hope you enjoy the best of 2018 series! Let me know which ones you loved in 2018 and if there's any you think I need to try out!
Much love, Lisa May xx


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