28 December 2018

My Top 5 High End Products of 2018

Looking back at all the products I've loved this year, most of them have been in the affordable range. Thankfully because I can't always justify spending out on pricey make up products. However, there's definitely some pieces I've fallen for this year that fall into the higher spend category, and are ones I believe are worth the price tag.

I do want to say this - you don't need to spend out to get good quality beauty products, if you watch my full 2018 favourites you'll see 90% of those are drugstore. But, there are some higher end products that I just can't give up.
So yes, I know I said I have a Body Shop dupe which is basically the same product, however - I still love this primer. It blurs my pores like no other, and just gives a really nice natural glow to the skin. If I'm having a no make up day I tend to still put this on because the peach is super subtle and it just gives an airbrushed look to the skin. For me it's definitely an essential, and something I will almost certainly repurchase once it runs out.

I honestly can't even explain how much I love this stuff. I know every beauty guru or blogger under the sun has raved about it, however I only picked it up at the end of August to take on holiday with me, and as you can see from the picture - it's very well loved. This and the L'Oreal Pro Glow have been my go to everyday bases all year. They help you still look super natural, but flawless with a natural healthy glow and good coverage. I'm obsessed. The only thing about it is I have the shade light, and it's a touch too dark for me, which is a little annoying, but can always be lightened. I'm definitely intrigued by the matte version, so if you'd like to see me do a comparison of the two let me know!

I can't actually remember if this was last years favourite powder as well, but if it is it's still going strong. This powder has secured my love for loose powders - it's just so finely milled that it looks very natural, adds a touch more coverage but also just gives a very natural but flawless finish to the skin that I've found pressed powders can't quite master. It sets everything perfectly, stays looking flawless for most of the day, and doesn't cause a huge mess... Or cover you in a puff of powder every time you open it. I'd also say - I've had this for well over a year now, and it looks like I've still got about half left, and I use this every day. I'm very impressed, and will definitely repurchase.

I apologise now as I believe this may have been limited edition, but if you can get your hands on it make sure you snap it up. For about the first half of this year, this is pretty much all I wore on my eyes - and even used it for bridesmaids at my besties wedding in March and it looks stunning. For me the colours in this are a perfect blend of everyday to night out, you have some neutrals for a low key look, pop on some of the metallics or glitters to spice it up, and then take some of the darker shades to really smoke it out and make it a night time look. I loved Seventh Heaven and Shadow Hill for my crease, and Delirium is just stunning as a metallic rose gold, it's a very unique shade and one I always go back to. They're very pigmented, super blendable and last really well. I also like the size of it as well as it's super easy to travel with, and just pop in a bag and also the packaging is really sturdy.

Again, not sure if I put this in last years or not - but again, it's been my go to mascara all year around. It just does everything I think a mascara should do, and it does it really easily. It adds so much volume and drama, it lengthens and it curls - and better than that, it stays in place all day. I have a couple other mascaras were I love how it looks initially, but a couple hours later the lashes have dropped and it's not quite so pow. This one however stays in place and I flipping love it.

Don't forget to check out my full best beauty of 2018 video, and also check out yesterday's purse friendly edition!

Much love, Lisa May xx

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