7 January 2019

My 2019 Goals

So yep, 2018 is officially over - hello 2019. Where on earth did you come from? 2018 was an interesting year for me, there were some really low low's, and also some really great highs. It's been a weird one - I'm not even sure how to describe it. But, that's not what today's post is all about...
For today I want to focus on 2019, and do the typical, stereotypical post at the beginning of the year - and that's write down my goals for the year. I like to give myself maybe 3/4 goals to achieve for the year and I find these easier to stick to then doing resolutions - I know they sound the same, but for whatever reason my brain processes goals better.
Getting into my fitness and becoming a healthier version of myself was a bit part of my 2018 thanks to my PCOS diagnosis, however something I feel like I really want to do is join a team, or club. I still have some weight to loose, so I'll carry on with my running I think, but I feel like I also want to meet some new people and joining a team would be a great way to do that, and make sure I stay healthy. Adam plays football each week, and I feel like I want to have something like that, so I regularly do it but also have fun with other people.
Sounds a bit weird, but by more "stuff" I mean do more things, like days out, shows and lots of different things. For our first wedding anniversary I did a date-a-thon for Adam, so basically each month we did a proper date day or did something new like an escape room, dance lessons etc, and now it's over I'm missing it a bit so I want to be able to look at 2019 and be like wow, we did a lot this year. Plus - last year we had some weddings, babies births and things and we don't have that this year so feel like I want to make more of an effort to do that.
Last year I did a professional diploma, and although it was hard I do like learning and I like doing new things. So, something I really want to do this year was learn something new and give myself a goal of that this year. At the moment I'm toying between either learning a language, or learning how to play an instrument - I'm not sure which one to do yet, but it's definitely something I want to do. I feel like the language would be more useful, and we're going to France in July so that could be my deadline, but I also love the idea of playing piano. Adam and I also started learning how to dance last year (which we're absolutely still going to do) so I feel like this is something I can do each year now - a new skill every year.
I do feel like I say this most years, but for me I really need to sort this out. Each month I end up feeling like I have nothing left by the end of the month and I felt very stressed around November and December this year with a multitude of birthdays and Christmases. So I've started by putting myself on a spending ban for January as I find I spend way too much on things I don't really need, like make up products for example, and I want to refocus my mind on what I actually need. I've also set up a Christmas fund, so a standing order where I put a set amount into a savings account each month so when Christmas comes around, I have a bucket to spend from rather than take it all from one month. So I'm getting there... This could be the year I actually sort my shit out financially. I'm so glad Adam handles our joint finances!

So there is it! I'd love to know your goals for 2019, so pop them below if you've worked them out yet! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Much love, Lisa May xx 


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