10 January 2019

The Brunch Diaries: Bread Addiction

Brunch is one of those meals I feel like people love to love, but always feels a little bit like a luxury. Do you have it for breakfast, or lunch, or both? I love a good brunch. It's quite possibly one of my favourite meals, so I'm very excited to set out on a mission to find some of the best brunch spots in my area - or wherever I am on the weekend!


So we started with somewhere we've wanted to go for a while - Bread Addiction based in Southsea. We went there for coffee a couple of months ago to kill time, and we thought it was a really cool little place. You can see right back to the kitchen where they're making the bread and dough for their products which I think is awesome, and it's just a very simple stripped back setting. It's not fancy, no thrills - but that's what I like about it. It's stripped back, it's all about the bake and the food. And the coffee, can't forget the coffee.
It's set along Elm Grove, which if you know it's a fairly busy area of Southsea, with a lot of shops, cafes and places so it's a great location. And although there's no "parking" per se, there's a lot of side roads you can park down for a couple of hours for free really close. It is a small space, but it does work - we went on Saturday just after 11am and we could get a table quite easily, and didn't have to wait long to get our order either.

What I also like about the place is it gives gluten free, and vegan options - I'm always so surprised when I go somewhere and they don't give those options. It's not a huge menu anyway (it doesn't need to be), so I think it's great that they're able to cater.

I picked up the Eggs Benedict, because of course, and Adam went for the Chicken & Bacon Ciabatta - and the food was nice! I enjoyed my Eggs Benedith, the yolk was runny, the sauce was very tasty and overall it was good! Not sure how I felt about it on sourdough as I'm not a huge fan generally, but everything else was very yummy. Honestly, Adam wasn't 100% sold on his ciabatta a she thought it was a little bit dry inside - but he did ask them to remove the mayo, so there wasn't any sauce so that could be why.

Overall - it's a nice brunch place. I would definitely recommend popping in if you're in the area, I definitely want to try out the French Toast at some point! It's very reasonable, I liked the vibe and simplicity of the place and the food was nice.

Where are your favourite brunch places? I'd love some more recommendations!

Much love, Lisa May x

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  1. Bread Addiction sounds like my kind of place - if I'm ever in the area, I'll definitely check it out!



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