2 February 2018

The £10 Eyeshadow Palette - Worth the hype

Finding an eyeshadow palette that does everything you want it to do is always cause for celebration. Or is that just me? Well when you find one that seems to have it all for only £10 - then would you celebrate? Thought so.

Since I found Sophie on Youtube, I've wanted to try her palette, and just before Christmas I found the last one in my local Superdrug just begging to be purchased. So I did the only sensible thing and snapped it up. Not least because I thought the beautiful green shade was Christmas worthy, but also because I'd heard great things, and I love Sophie's channel.
In the palette you get 24 shades, a mix of cool and warm tones, matte and shimmer shades. You also get a real mix of colours as well, not just those you'd expect in your normal palettes. I feel like that is something that makes it very unique. Now I've never tried anything from Makeup Revolution before so I wasn't sure what to expect of the quality, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
Although the shadows aren't the softest I've ever worked with or felt, they feel a little bit hard, they are very blendable on the eyes. You do get some fall out, especially from the darker shades, however it's nothing too bad and easy to wipe away afterwards. So in terms of consistency and formula - not the best I've ever worked with, however they are still very workable. As I said, they blend very easily, they apply nicely and they're not patchy. And that's worth it for me.
In terms of pigmentation, for once I would say that the matte shades are more pigmented than the shimmer shades. Mug Cake (I think is the name) in particular is super pigmented, and probably the most pigmented dark brown shade I've used in a very long time. With the shimmers you do have to build them up. The swatch really nicely but with a brush you do need to build to get the level you want, but they are beautiful and there are some really unique stunning colours.
You also get a great mix of neutral shades, Cup of Tea in particular is a great base and transition shade for my eyes and I wear it on a daily basis - even if I'm using other palettes.
Overall, I do think this palette is great value for money. You get some really unique, lovely blendable shadows to create a whole variety of looks - and for only £10. Definitely a steal and one of my current go to palettes.
Much Love, Lisa May x

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