8 January 2018

Real Techniques PowderBleu Brushes

I love make up, and I love navy blue. I also love Real Techniques make up brushes. So when they bought out their Powder Bleu brush range I knew I had to somehow find a way to add it into my collection. Thankfully I have very generous in-laws who bought me four of the brushes over my birthday and Christmas, so now I'm the proud owner of most of the set. So was it worth it?

The Powder Bleu range is one of Real Techniques luxury brush ranges, and they range from about £15 - £22 (of the ones I have anyway). They're also specifically designed for powder products, and enable you to apply them without disturbing any make you already have on underneath. Each brush has a recommended use, and an alternative use, and honestly - they're just stunning. I know I know, not the reason you should want a make up brush, but come on. I've had some time to play with them and use them, so thought I'd give you my thoughts on each one!

This is probably my least favourite of the four I have. It's a long, fluffy brush with a tapered shape designed to apply bronzers and highlighters - however, I just found I couldn't really get the control I like to have for something like bronzer. I much prefer to use a big round brush - like their Powder Brush - to apply mass bronzer around the face. I also think it's too big for highlighters personally - I much prefer the Soft Finishing Brush for that. I think this brush is really good if you want a very natural brush of colour of the apples of your cheeks, or you do just want a very light dusting of colour. It's not dense enough to give full coverage, but it's good at giving a very natural looking bronze or blush to the cheeks for those days you want to look like you're wearing no make up.

I've had this brush the longest, and I really like it. It's become a must have in my collection. It has a domed shape to it, and is very densely packed so it's meant to be ideal for loose powder foundations. I don't personally use those - but I love this for apply loose powder to set my under eyes and t-zone area for more concentrated product - I think it does a great job at that. I also really like it to apply bronzer around my temples, and just under the cheek bones. They do also suggest using this to apply blush - I think it's great at that, but I would advise caution here - where it's a dense brush it picks up a lot of pigment, so you just want to make sure you don't come off looking like a clown.

I think this brush might be my favourite of the bunch, and I think it's actually probably the best one to pick up if you're new to make up as it's the perfect brush for applying any blush, highlight and contour to the cheeks. It has a very tapered head, shorter hairs than the Soft Powder Brush, but still super fluffy and soft. For contour it's great as it allows you to do it easily without looking too contoured - it gives the perfect natural look for this as the brush isn't dense so it doesn't pick up to much colour and you don't find it looking muddy or too dark. I do like it for blush - I think I still prefer their Blush Brush personally - but it's very good and brushed the product onto the apples of your cheeks and looking very natural. However, my favourite use for this is definitely to apply my highlight along the tops of my cheek bones. I had been using their Contour Brush, which is more dense so you pick up more product and it's more pigmented, but I definitely prefer this as it gives a much more natural look to the highlight so if you prefer just a soft glow - this does this. But it also allows you to build it up to still give that blinding light.

This is the perfect blending brush for your eyeshadows, without a doubt. I don't think it's the best at applying them - for me the brush is a bit too fluffy for that so I find it doesn't pick up pigment as well as others I have, but it's great at blending everything together. I have been using this as my crease brush and it's great for this as I also find it works better with matte shadows than glitter or shimmer shadows. It helps to blend transition shades, and deeper crease shades without too much work and allows you to build them up nicely. However, I find with glitter shadows you loose a lot of the pigment and generally you're left with more shimmer than anything else. So for me, it's the perfect crease/blending brush for matte shades and I've been using it on a daily basis for this purpose.
I do like the range in general, I use 3/4 of these on a daily basis and they've found their way into my daily routine which I love. They're super soft - probably the softest brushes that I own - and really fluffy. Because they're fluffy, it does mean they don't pick up as much pigment as more densely packed brushes, but I think there's a time and a place for high pigment and I have other brushes and uses for that. Do you need these in your life? Probably not - the brand has other brushes that I think do similar jobs and are generally a little cheaper - but I think they're a nice addition. And if you're like me and you love your blue - then yes, you need them. Because they're blue.
What's your favourite make up brush from Real Techniques?
Much Love, Lisa May x

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