15 December 2017

Blogmas #7: A Luxury Gift Guide

Sometimes you want to spend a bit more on the people you love, and you want to splash out, spoil them and really show just how much you love them. With that, comes luxury gifts, and if you spend a lot of money you want to be sure it's not going to be a waste of money. So here's some of my suggestions and recommendations if you want to spend just that bit more money. 

I always feel like spending money on the "her" in your life is a little bit easier than spending more money on the men. But there's a lot of products out there competing for female luxury, it's hard to narrow down which ones to go from. So here's a few one my suggestions.

There's a few luxury beauty brands out there now, and whether it's make up or body care you're going for, it's a hugely saturated market. In terms of make up, I'd highly recommend picking up some lipsticks from the Chanel counter, the packaging screams luxury with it's sleek black case and it's push in bullet. Also, the colours and quality is great so you are paying for a high quality product, not just the name. For body care, Jo Malone is always a great one to go for - the body creams and body washes are really luxurious, the packaging is beautiful and the quality is up there. Yes, very overpriced for what it is, but the range of scents mean you'll find something for everyone, and they'll really appreciate the gesture. Then if we move onto fragrance, something a little bit different is the Ruth Mastenbroek fragrances, exclusive to Fenwicks. There's four different options, but Firedance* is a gorgeous winter fragrance. It's made in the UK, and is a small brand, but there's a story behind every fragrance, and it's a beautiful special scent.

There's a few other gifts that don't fall into the beauty category, such as jewellery and accessories. Harder to get right, but when you do you'll get the best reaction. I love the Olivia Burton watches, I think they're so special and different to other brands. They have a vast range of designs and a style that will suit everyone. And although they are pricey, they're not quite as bad as some other jewellery brands. Jewellery is always special to receive, and Missoma is a great brand to choose pieces from - I love the horn necklace. It's a great length and adds something a bit different to your look. Again, they have some gorgeous pieces to suit everyone and the prices range depending on what you're looking at. And then we have the super special, the Tiffany's of the world. You can't go wrong with that little blue box. Earrings are a beautiful special gift and these are simple, yet really beautiful and special. Special is definitely the word for Tiffany in case you hadn't guessed.

Men - always harder to buy for. I'm doing a full guide for men tomorrow, however here's a couple of luxury pieces to make them smile on Christmas morning.

A lot of guys love games - and there's a couple of devices you can get that won't break the bank, but they'll really enjoy. For example, a Nintendo Switch - new, but awesome and great for both of you to play games on. It's a great console, and you can get some fun games like Mario Kart and Zelda, which if my husband is anything to go by, men will love. Another idea - an iPad. Pricey, yes, but they'll love it. My husband basically lives on his when he's at home and has games on there that he's obsessed with. There's many different models and options there will be something to suit your budget.

There's much more you can get your guy, and come back tomorrow to see more! But on the luxury front, definitely take a look at watches, cufflinks or a nice wallet.

Much love, Lisa May x


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  1. I love anything Jo Malone, I think they're just beautiful super luxury gifts! xx



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