1 December 2017

Blogmas #1: Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days Advert Calendar Review

Welcome to the first day of Blogmas! Yes, it's the first of December which means the start of Christmas themed blog posts and videos over the next twenty four days. You lucky folks! For day one I thought it would be apt to review a beauty advert calendar - it is December 1st after all. Over on my channel today you can see me opening the Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Day's Advent calendar, so you get all my first reactions, and over here - you get to read my review on each of the products.

I really regretted not picking up Tanya Burr's calendar last year after I saw the rave reviews, and since then I've tried a bunch of her products and realised I really do love them. Generally, they're great quality, and very wearable. So this year I promised myself I'd pick one up and test it out. 

First of all, in terms of comparing it to last year's I'm kinda glad I didn't pick both up as they're quite similar in terms of content. Personally I prefer the design of last years in terms of colour, but I like the little house design from this years. Super cute and I think it's a lot more suitable to sit somewhere in the house for everyone to see. My only gripe - if you see the video you'll notice how HARD it was to get anything out of the packaging. Like had to get a pen to pry it out and my pen breaking hard. But let's move onto the products...

I've always really liked her lip glosses, the formula is one of my favourites. Generally I hate lip glosses, they're sticky thick and feel really uncomfortable. However, these ones are comfortable, really pigmented, glide on and don't stick - ideal. The colours are really pretty as well, I think they're probably my favourite products of the entire calendar. You get three colours that will suit everyone, two without shimmer and a glitter shade. You get a gorgeous deep blue toned pink called Cranberry Melt which I'm obsessed with - super pretty, really pigmented and smooth. A nude pink, the perfect natural with a slight yellow tone called Pink Fondant, and then a pure glitter gloss to put over the top of matte shades, Ice Queen. Not usually a glitter fan but this is super subtle and really pretty - something that's a good addition to your Christmas beauty look. All of these are really nice, Pink Fondant is a little too warm toned for me personally but I think a lot of people will love it. 

I did kinda expect to get some of these in the calendar as I know they were part of it last year as well, and the colours included are Christmas in a bottle. You have a beautiful typical Christmas red, called Festive Red, which is very pretty. It's a little bit more sheer than I was expecting, so you need about three coats to get full colour with this but when you do it's super pretty and very festive. And then you have two glitter top coats. You have Glitter Rain, which is a silver top coat with different sized silver sequins in here, and then Glitter Frosting which is a gorgeous gold glitter. Personally I prefer Glitter Frosting because I just found it layered a lot better on top of colours and itself as well and was super easy to get an even distribution of product, whereas I found Glitter Rain to be a bit harder to spread out the different sized glitter and get a nice looking top coat. All three dry really nicely, quite quickly white I like, and last a good couple of days without chipping. A big thumbs up from me!

This was a product I really didn't think I would use as it made me feel quite young and I do think is more aimed at her younger, teen fans. However - having said that I have used them and do really like them. You get two colours, Silver and Gold, and again I prefer the gold one. I've used them on top of my black liquid liner which works nicely - they really show against the black but it a lovely subtle way that actually just makes the eyes look brighter. And then I've also used them on top of eyeshadow to add a little something extra, and while the silver doesn't look a nice like this, the gold looks stunning. I did think I'd end up giving these away but actually they're staying firmly in my collection.

I did expect that these wouldn't be up my street, and I was right about these. I was also a little confused as the pictures of the colours on the website look different to what I got... But anyway, you got two glitter pots in here. Both colours were really beautiful in the pot and looks very nice. You had Let it Snow, a lovely white toned glitter, and Midnight Magic, a really unusual and gorgeous dark pine green. For me, these were just a bit too fiddly to use and play around with. I'm not used to working with glitter so that's probably why, but I just couldn't get them to go where I wanted to, or to stay there, and I just couldn't get to grips with applying them. Not my type of thing, but those who love glitter may like them.

Overall, I really liked the products in here, and is definitely worth the price. I do think it's probably more aimed at a younger audience than myself, however I can appreciate the quality and beauty of a lot of the products, and I do use a lot of them which is great. I probably won't get it again next year though as it looks like the products in this year's calendar were similar to last years, so unless there's a switch up and she mixes it up a bit I would probably give it a miss. But - I'm super glad I got it this year, and I'll be wearing Cranberry Melt until it all runs out.

Don't forget to head over to my channel to watch me open the calendar, and subscribe to make sure you stay up to date on all Vlogmas!

Much love, Lisa May x

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