11 December 2017

Blogmas #5: Stocking Filler Gift Guide

You're never too old for a stocking. My Mum still does one for me every year (well, a shared one now), and I love it. I get as excited about the stocking as I do my main presents. And let's face it, it's more because of the tradition behind it. Getting up early, curling up on my parents bed and showing them everything Santa gave me.

But there's something to be said for cute little gifts in a stocking as well. They can be super cute, super useful and very thoughtful. I've had gifts from Lush bath bombs, to lipsticks, to books and cds. Nail varnishes, games, and a chocolate orange. So here's some of my favourite things that you could put in a stocking this year.

The best thing to do with a stocking, is to really think about the recipient, like any gift, and make it all about them and their interests. You could even pick something random, like a Snowman baking timer, to give to an avid baker like this one from Sainsbury's. Or, get an animal lover a pair of cute socks with their favourite animal on them, Accessorize always do great ones, including some awesome Christmas themed ones, and they tend to be 3 for 2 as well.

Something that I love in a stocking, is a notebook or a book. They're always really handy and can be really useful. A small notebook that can be handbag friendly is the perfect gift for someone who likes to carry one around, fill with notes and ideas, dates and more. Urban Outfitters do some amazing designs, fit for every personality. I love this marble version as it's super slick and looks really pretty. But also, a really cute idea is this amazing little quote book. I got this one for my birthday, and I am obsessed. It's full of motivational quotes, friendship quotes and is so sweet as well. It's great for someone who works hard, gets stressed really easily or just likes little cute knick knacks.

 Games are always a nice thing to pop into a stocking, whether it's a little travel game or an extension - like this Cards Against Humanity box - it'll always be handy around Christmas. Got to love games at Christmas, and Cards Against Humanity is ideal for everyone - however this is definitely more for a guys stocking than a girls. If you want to go more than a girly route, you can't go wrong with a candle - a little tealight is perfect, or a small votive. I love this little White Company Winter candle, it was around £10 and it such a wintery, Christmas scent. Highly recommend!

Then we have some beauty pieces - let's face it I couldn't do a stocking gift guide without any beauty pieces. And I love receiving anything beauty themed in my stocking, it's one way to win me over. A hand cream always goes down well, and I love this collection from Rituals. It's great for all year around and the quality of this is awesome. Also, another essential is definitely a lip balm, and if you're in the beauty sphere then you'd have been hard-pressed to miss the launch of Glossier in the UK this Autumn. And I think their Balm DotCom's are the perfect stocking filler, great quality and a range of flavours to choose from so will suit anyone. And what else do you need to go alongside your balm? A lip scrub! Basically a stocking isn't a stocking without something from Lush, and their lip scrubs are second to none, the best out there and a necessity for winter lip care. As well as bubblegum, they have a couple of Christmas flavours out at the moment as well.

Much love, Lisa May x

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