2 August 2017

First Anniversary Gift Guide

So somehow, I've almost been married for a year now. Which is insane and super, super crazy. The year has shot past - it's been incredibly busy and a lot has happened, but it's also been an amazing year. Our wedding day was the best day of my life, it was exactly what we imagined it would be, so I feel really humbled and honoured to have shared that with our closest friends and families. As our one year mark is coming up, I really wanted to do a bit of a gift guide as I found it super hard to decide what to get husband, and I believe he's struggled as well. So - I've popped together gift ideas for her, for him and for the couple - if you're going to purchase presents for a couple of their first anniversary. I've tried to do about three for each, to keep it super simple and hopefully if you're in the same space as us - it might be helpful!
I love if you can be a little personal for an anniversary, and a little romantic, and all girls love jewellery. So I love the idea of getting an initial pendant - but with both initials. So for us it would be an L, and an A. For my friends it would be S and A and so on. I love the pendant necklace from Tiffany's. The discs are really cute, and you can get a couple of different pendants to put on the chain. I also love the idea that if you then have children, you can order the discs separately to add initials for them as well. I just think this is super thoughtful.
If you want to go down the route of staying traditional and keeping it as a "paper" anniversary, which I think could be really sweet, then I love the idea of a print. In particular, this map of the stars print is gorgeous. Personally I love stars, so this is right up my street. But it's super sweet and personal to you, as it's a map of the stars on the day you get married. I just think it's really sweet and a lovely momento to put in the house.
Another "paper" idea, which I love, is to get her something that she really wants to do. So, for example this could be go and see a show, or an experience she'll always remember, or even something like a photography course (as an example). I feel like an anniversary present has to be more personal and thoughtful then a birthday or Christmas present, and really show your partner how well you know them and how much you care. So if you know they really want to do something, or see something, then definitely give them the opportunity.
Men are so much harder to get thoughtful or romantic gifts for, I think that's just the way of it. However, as a paper anniversary I think these paper cufflinks are such a cute idea. Men always seem to need cufflinks right? And these just tie in very nicely. It fits with the traditional anniversary milestones, but is also a bit more personal as they are completely customisable for you as a couple.
I've always found the men in my life aren't really into "things", which again makes buying gifts incredibly hard. However, it would be quite easy to tie this into a paper anniversary. A couple of things you could do is make a photo book, or scrapbook if they're into that sort of thing. Snapfish make this super easy to do and do a lot of photo gifts that you can personalise. Another idea, make a jar filled with date ideas or nice things you can do for him, and he takes a slip of paper out every now and then and you do what's on the slip. It's super cute, good for a budget or as an extra add on to another gift.
Again, I feel experiences or tickets would be a great gift idea. So whether they want a season ticket for their favourite football club, go on a driver experience, or if you take them away for a weekend somewhere special and meaningful to you both. It's the thought that goes into it, the memories it'll invoke and they'll love it.
It may be that someone you're close to has an anniversary coming up, and you want to get them something special. Here are just a couple of things I think would be really cute to give to a couple on their first anniversary.
I love really personal pieces, and when I saw these illustrations by Gee Horsfield I fell in love. I definitely think giving one of these is a beautiful thought, it's super personal, one of a kind and will be cherished forever.
This personalised watch stand is very simple, but really cute and useful. It's just a way of pulling it all together and send a lovely little message.
Or, as with the other two, an experience for the couple is also a great present. Whether it's a gift voucher for their favourite restaurant, afternoon tea or a little couples spa day. It'll go down a treat and is always nice as it's a way for them to spend time together.
I hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know if you'd like to see more gift guides like this as I have so much fun making them.
Much love, Lisa May x


  1. Some years back my husband got me an anniversary sundial
    that sits on the windowsill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. It is a clock that uses the sun to tell time, but it also does something else that is really special. My husband had the guy who handmade it for us add a special date line for our anniversary day that the time shadow follows on our special day each year, and every year so far it has worked perfectly! I think it has got to be one of the best anniversary gifts I ever heard of because it does something special every year for our anniversary, plus the colorful rainbows in our kitchen can really brighten up the day!

    1. That's SUCH a beautiful present. I love that. Such a good idea. Good job husband!


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