22 August 2017

My Current Hair Routine

I actually kinda like my hair right now - I mean it's due a trim and touch up on colour, but generally it's looking good. I had a couple of inches cut off a few months ago and it's look healthier and shinier than it has for a while. I think this also has something to do with the products I use.

I'm definitely enjoying my hair products right now, that's not to say I won't switch them up again at some point, but for right now they're doing me well. So I've popped together a video to run you through the products I love, and my routine. You can watch it in full on my YouTube channel here, and please don't forget to subscribe!
Much love, Lisa May x

1 comment

  1. OGX do the best hair products - I flippin love their range! Also you can't go wrong with Aussie - I need to try a few more of their products & this Anti Frizz Conditioner sounds right up my street.


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