1 August 2017

July Favourites


So it's that time of the month, where bloggers and YouTuber's everywhere tell you all about their favourite products from the previous month. And I frigging love it. I'm a massive fan of favourite videos. So when I started up my YouTube again, and started my August Blogging Challenge, I knew the first of August had to be my July Favourites.
I've written it all out below, but you can also watch the video for this here.
Yes, I've kinda gone on about this elsewhere, but I do love this product. Well, one side of it - so I love the single stick. The contour side is beautiful, it's subtle for everyday use, really blendable and lasts really well throughout the day. It's buildable if you like something a bit more heavy duty and obvious, but I've been using this to add extra colour and subtle definition, and I love it.
I have done an entire post raving about this product, which you can read here, but essentially it's a beautiful natural looking foundation. It blends so easily, builds and just lasts really well. It's completely drawn me into other cushion products. It's purse friendly, and a high quality product. It gives a nice glow, makes you look healthy and perfects rather than covers everything. It's my go to at the moment, and I love it.
Another one I've already spoken about, but it's basically the best powder. It's mattifying, so for all you oily-skinned folks this is a must have I promise. But, it still lets the glow from cream products shine through slightly so it's doesn't look caked or too matte. It's transparent, so it's basically just a setting powder - there's no real extra coverage which I like. I just think it tops all over Rimmel powders that I've tried, and it's been essential during the warmer days.
Yup, another one. I did say in this video these would be the three from the range I'd recommend. This is probably my favourite of this range. It just mists nicely, and really helps to keep your make up vibrant and in place all day, which I love. It's really fresh and smells of cucumber - big plus in my book. There's no water drops or anything, it just does exactly what you want it to do, for a really good price point.

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
This has been a long time favourite, however I've been trying to avoid using liquid liner too much this summer, so I've been using the shades in this palette to create something softer. The gold in this palette is beautiful, and one of my all time favourite eyeshadow shades. They just blend really nicely, last really well and the shades in this palette really suit my skin tone and eye colour. It's a really nice, affordable palette that's a staple.

Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur in 04 Rouge Corail
Definitely a higher end lip product - it's not cheap at £28 a pop (eek!), but I love this lip product. I have it in a couple of colours, but this particular shade has been worn so much over the past couple months in summer. I'm not usually a coral person - there's only certain ones I like, but this one is perfect. It's the right mix of red and orange, with a touch of pink and it really suits me. The quality is amazing, it's a glossy finish but lasts really, really well which was surprising. I feel like it's the perfect summer shade for me.

MacxAlessandra Lustre Lipstick
I wrote an entire review on this which you can read here, but it's basically my go to lipstick. It's my perfect pink nude, everyday shade and I do reach for it near on ever single day (I'm wearing it in this video FYI). I feel safe saying I think it really is my favourite lipstick of all time - which is a big deal! And I'm so upset it's limited edition so you can't get it anymore. I really am going to be so sad when I use this all up. As a lustre finish, it doesn't last for hours and hours, but its got a lovely finish, it feels comfortable and it's easy to touch up and maintain. It's a beaut.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam
This is the first time I've tried these incredibly hyped lip products. I actually purchased three shades, Amsterdam, and Antwerp and Instanbul. I really wanted to try the later two for ages, and I thought I'd pick up a third and went for Amsterdam as I'm going there in September. And it's actually my favourite shade of the three. It's very similar to the Chanel shade, but a bit pinker. It's beautiful on the lips, it's gorgeous. Very warming, very statement and just super pretty. It's a matte formula, and I have to say the staying power is like nothing I've ever tried before - it lasts all frigging day. I'm super impressed and will definitely pick up more of these.

Boss The Scent for Her
A really really beautiful scent. It has notes of peach, freesia and roasted cocoa, so it's very fresh and light with a touch of smokiness from the cocoa. I feel like it's a great everyday fragrance at the moment, it makes me feel very girly but also sophisticated with the cocoa edge to it. I'm so bad at describing fragrances so apologies, but I have been reaching for this every day and it just smells like summer for me now. It's the first fragrance I've ever bought myself as well, which makes me feel like a grown up!

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed the post and make sure you subscribe to my channel if you like the video :)

Much love, Lisa May x



  1. I wasn't sure about the Rimmel Duo Sticks at first but I have been using them quite a lot these past few weeks & loving how easy they are to apply and blend. That NYX Lip Colour looks beautiful. I haven't tried nearly enough NYX products & I did notice there was a huge NYX stand in my local Boots the other day. I need to spend some time at that stand and get a few products to try

    1. I'm the same with NYX, I definitely need to try more. We don't have a stand near us which is SO annoying!


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