31 July 2017

August Blogging Challenge

I've decided to set myself a challenge. That's always a bit of a scary term I have to say. I really miss blogging on a regular basis. I've managed to get a bit more into the swing of things, and I'm trying to do about 3 a week, but I still feel a bit lost. There's so many things I like to blog about, and write about, so I feel a little bit all over the place with my content.

So - my challenge - that I've chosen to accept - is to blog every day of August. And by day I mean Monday - Friday. There's a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I feel like if I blog enough and just do lots of different content then hopefully by the end of the month I'll have a better idea of what I really love to write about, and how I want my blog to move forward. I feel like if I'm also blogging for the entire week as well I'll get a really good idea of what days are best to post on - what days you guys like to see new content, and what days work best for me as well.

So I'm hoping you guys will come along for the ride! Let me know what type of posts you really want to see from T&M over August - I have some planned but I'd also love your feedback.

What posts would you like to see during August?

Much love, Lisa May

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