28 July 2017

5 New Things Verdict: July

Somehow, it's the end of the month - again. Where is this year going? It's insane. Anyway, that means it's time to give my verdict from July's five new things feature - and for July that mean all six products from Rimmel's new Insta collection. Now, I've done this in video form, as well as a full post - so I'd love it if you'd watch the video. You can see it on my YouTube channel here.
However, if you're a reader - no worries, I've got my verdict below for you as well.
All in all, I did really like the majority of the collection. I don't feel like my views have changed too much from my first impressions, but there's definitely some stand out products for me that have become firm favourites.
#Instaflawless Skin Tint £6.99
So part of me thinks I like this, and part of me still isn't sure. Basically this is a tinted primer, or skin tint. So you can use it on it's own, or underneath your normal base product. Personally I haven't been using it on it's own as it's very, very light coverage and is only SPF 15, so it's not enough to protect your face really. However, I've been reaching for it as a primer when I've wanted more of a glowy, natural base and it does this really nicely. It just makes a nice alternative to a matte base - and makes even your mattes foundations look a little more natural. I think I do like it - I'm pretty sure I do. The only thing I would say is that it says it gives 24 hour hydration, and for me it really tends to do the opposite. Otherwise, it's a nice radiant primer.

#Insta Conceal and Correct Palette £6.49
This is probably my least favourite product of the bunch - I just felt like it didn't really do what I feel it should have done. For me, I only really used the peach colour for dark circles and the green colour for redness. I just found the peach colour didn't do anything that any other concealer I use for under my eyes doesn't do - there's nothing extra. And actually, I prefer illuminating concealers under my eyes and this didn't have any of that, so that's just not something for me. Also, with the green colour I just found it didn't blend too well - so I was still left with a bit of redness and a bit of green. Not ideal. if I was to go for correcting colours I'd probably go for a different formula, maybe something more liquid based, as I feel this would blend a bit more nicely and offer a bit more coverage.

#Insta Conceal and Contour Palette £6.49
I found this palette to be a little hit and miss. First of all, I did wonder if they labelled the concealer and highlighter the wrong way around - but basically I feel they're the same product, just different shades. I didn't feel like the highlighter did what a highlighter is supposed to do. The concealer is a good blemish concealer - it's great at covering redness, or scars and blemishes. It blends nicely and gives good coverage. I've been carrying this around in my handbag as a touch up product and it's worked nicely for that. The contour shade is very subtle - so if you like your Kardashian sculp you won't necessarily like this. For those that are a bit scared, this would be idea. It gives a nice natural shade to the skin, and blends beautifully. I just wish the pan was a bit bigger as it gets really messy when used with a brush.

#Insta Duo Contour Stick £6.99
This is probably the biggest surprise for me. I really didn't think I'd like this, but I've been using it every single day - when I put make up on. The highlighter is a bit wishy washy for me, I haven't really used it that much as I just don't find it does too much. But the contour stick is beautiful, it's a warm shade, super easy to use and really blendable. It's very buildable so you can build the depth of contour you want, but you can also stay quite subtle with it. I'm a big fan of this one, and I know want to try all the contour sticks in the world - just because.

#Insta Fix & Matte Powder £4.99
Another absolute winner for me. Rimmel's powders generally are great, but this one is on another level for me. It's transparent, so it doesn't add extra colour or coverage - it just sets all your make up which is ideal for me. And it sets it really, really well. Like nothing budges well. Considering most of this range is cream products, or liquid, the powder helps to keep it all in place and stop and slippage. It is a matte powder, so on hot days it has been keeping my sweaty face look relatively normal, so it's ideal for those with oily complexions. I'm a massive fan of this, it's become an absolute staple for me.

#Insta Fix and Go Setting Spray £6.99
For me, this is probably the stand out product. I've not been a massive fan of setting sprays, and haven't really gotten the hype. But - this has been a game changer. It's much more like a fine mist, so it doesn't like water drops on your face, and is really refreshing. It also smells of cucumber which is incredible. I've found that it really helps my make up stay vibrant all day - even if mine does stay, it can dull, but this keeps it in tip top condition. This has become an ultimate, holy grail product for me. It's such good quality, and for such a small price tag. I'm completely sold.

So there you have it! If you watch the video don't forget to subscribe and like it. I'm looking forward to getting some new products for August - I already have my eyes on some pieces, but let me know if there's anything you think I should try!
Much love, Lisa May
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  1. The contour stick sounds so good!

    1. It's so nice! Really subtle, super easy to blend and friendly on the purse strings!


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