7 July 2017

5 New Things: July

I haven't managed to get around to doing a five new things post in aaaages, so I thought I'd do this one a little different. Instead of five new things, I'm actually going to talk about six - and they're all from the new Rimmel Insta collection. I was really intrigued by the idea of this collection as it's supposed to be exactly what you need to help you take a flawless selfie - on Instgram I'm guessing by the name of the collection. So I thought I'd snap these bits up and give you my first impressions, and then at the end of the month I'll give you my verdict. So let's run through the products.

So this is supposed to be a tinted primer, with SPF 15 thrown in. It's advertised as protecting your skin, as well as erasing signs of fatigue and giving your glowing skin. I got this is the shade light/medium, and the colour match is actually pretty good. It has very low coverage and sinks into the skin anyway so I don't think the tint matters too much. Because it's supposed to give you radiance I was expecting some sort of highlighting agent in the primer, but there doesn't seem to be any. Personally I don't see too much of a perfecting aspect personally, but as a primer it does hold my make up. I'm on the fence with this one at the moment
This was a product I was about 80% sure I wouldn't be too bothered about, and on first impressions I feel I was right. The idea behind this palette is you use the specific colours to target different elements of your skin, like dark circles, redness or dullness. For me, I only really deal with dark circles so I'd only use the one colour. I've been using it under my foundation to correct first, and to be honest, it doesn't seem to do anything a normal concealer doesn't do. It does neutralise the dark circles, but again - most of my conceals cover this anyway. But - I'm going to persevere and we'll see.
I love Rimmel concealers generally, so I was excited to use this and see what a cream formula was like from them. I was also really intrigued by the contour products in here as well. The concealer is nice, it's a cream formula, blends nicely and covers well. All in all, it's a nice product. I don't feel like it brightens as much as their Match Perfection so I do miss that under my eyes, but it's a nice product for coverage - probably better for blemishes. With the contour shade, it's very nice, it's warm toned and super, super subtle. I do like it, BUT I think at the moment I prefer the duo stick contour shade and tone. If you're not confident with contour I think this would be good for you though as it is subtle. Blends beautifully though! I also really like the highlighter in this palette, it's very subtle, and again very easy to blend. It just gives a nice natural glow which is what I like.

#Insta Duo Contour Stick £6.99
I really wasn't sure about this product - it was probably the one I was the most scared of. Especially when you put the contour on your face - it's like WOAH! Hello brown lines. But actually, I've been really pleasantly surprised. I love the shade of this, I have it in light and it's perfect for me. It creates a really nice contour, natural and subtle but you can definitely see a difference. It also blends in really well, and the lasting power is really good. I'm not as keen on the highlighter - I don't see too much of a difference with that, but I'll keep testing and keep you updated.
I'm super impressed with this powder. I always worry that a matte powder is going to make me look cakey, or too matte. But actually this still lets the glow come through in a really subtle way. It's also really good at keeping your make up in place and matte in this heat at the moment - I don't look or feel sweaty by the end of the day so I'm loving this so far. Really, really impressed.
I've never been a massive fan of setting sprays, the ones I've tried generally settle on my make up and leave little dot type marks - bleugh. But I've been pleasantly surprised with this one. It sets really nicely, it's a fine mist as opposed to a spray so I think that helps. It leaves a really lovely glowy finish - even with the matte powder, but it's super natural and again you don't look sweaty or oily. I also frigging LOVE the scent of this. It smells of cucumber and it's very fresh. I'm a little obsessed with it to be honest at the moment!

I've been pleasantly surprised by a few pieces here on first impressions, and at the moment I'm liking a lot of the products I didn't think I would. My only issue - Rimmel isn't a cruelty-free brand - which is massively disappointing, but as I'd already purchased the collection and have been testing it I still wanted to give my view and use them so not to waste them. I will catch up with you all at the end of July as well to give you my verdict on each of these products as well, and see if my first impressions are still applicable.
What would be your favourite piece from the range?

Much love, Lisa May

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