20 July 2017

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation

Cushion products are one of those things that seem to have come from nowhere, and then gradually gotten more and more popular over the last year. I was so unsure about them, but I finally decided to try one, and ended up ordering the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation. I wanted to try one that was a bit more affordable before I went for a pricey one. Don't ask me why I chose this instead of the L'Oreal one - I love L'Oreal base products - I think I went for this as it was on offer and I thought why not!

It's been a little while since I've done a full post on one product, but I really wanted to do one on this product as I've fallen totally in love with it.

Essentially, cushion foundations are liquid foundations that are distributed over a cushion, and my understanding is that it basically allows lighter coverage and a more dewy finish. From what I've read, cushion foundations give a much more natural finish. So how does the Maybelline version live up to this?

First off, usually drugstore foundations break me out really badly, and I've not tried a base from Maybelline since my school days of caking the Dream Matte Mouse over my face. So I was a little anxious, but it's absolutely fine. No breakouts at all, and it lasts really well.

I don't use the pad it comes with, I tried and it was a bit useless so I tend to just use my Buffing Brush, dip that into the cushion a couple of times and then apply as normal to my face. I was quite pleasantly surprised with the amount of coverage it gives on first application - I was expecting it to be a lot sheerer. However, it covers really nicely without looking or feeling heavy, and it still looks natural. You can really easily build it up as well, so depending on what you're doing or how you're feeling this really is versatile. It also gives a very natural, subtle glow to the skin. I'm not a huge dewy fan - I don't mind a bit of a glow, but it has to be super subtle. This gives just that, and I love the finish.

It's very easy to blend in, it's very comfortable and the colour match is as good as I feel I would ever get from a drugstore foundation. It's a little bit light for me, but I never match perfectly in the drugstore so I'm not overly surprised. I just darken myself up a little with some bronze and done. Because it's in a compact as well it's also really handbag friendly and really good for travelling. I have to say, I am a bit in love with this - as you can probably tell - and it's definitely given me the cushion bug.

I really want to try to L'Oreal version now and see how they compare, and I'm dying to pick up the Dior's cushion version of their Forever foundation which is probably my favourite foundation ever. If you've given either a go, let me know your thoughts in the comments box below - I'd love to hear them! Usually I'm not a fan of the latest gimmicks - I find they always tend to be disappointing - but cushions have proven me wrong.

What cushion products do you love?

Much love, Lisa May

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  1. I have only tried the Lancome cushion foundation & I love it. I wasn't sure how I would get on with this concept and now I want to try a drugstore alternative and I have heard great things about the Bourjois, Maybelline and L'Oreal ones.


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