24 July 2017

What I'd Tell My Teenage Self

I've been feeling very grown up recently. I've been married for almost a year to a man I've been for almost ten years, I've bought my second house, I'm responsible for a furry feline and I'm have a well paying job. When did I become an adult? I swear I still feel like a child at times, I still play Mario Kart, got majorly excited about Beauty and the Beast and have Minions around my house.
I was driving to my parents house this morning, and drove past a lot of teenagers heading to school, and it got me thinking - what would I tell my teenage self if I could go back in time now? Other than teenagers have much better fashion sense now of course...
  • Spots - don't worry, they do get better with time and some good skincare products!
  • That boy you're crying over? Yeah, he won't matter in a year's time and he's not worth your tears
  • Don't let anyone video your drama performance, seriously - it'll come back to haunt you
  • Those girls that make your life a misery? Give it a year or so, and they will have disappeared
  • Your metabolism won't be this good forever - either make the most of it now, or start some sort of exercise/sports club now so I can be that slim forever?
  • No, that Playboy t-shirt is not appropriate for a 14 year old to wear on a school trip to Rome.
  • Boyfriends aren't the most important thing in the world - your friends are. Beth is frigging awesome, and she sticks around - the boys don't.
  • Also - spend more time with Beth's step sister Amber. She's a superstar and will become your Maid of Honour.
  • Learn how to apply make up and stop caking your face in Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse - this will also help with the first point.
  • Stop arguing with your Mum - she's incredible and will be the best friend that sticks around forever
  • Don't paint your room pink and green - you don't even like those colours!
  • Stop people pleasing - do what makes you happy and stop caring what other people think of you
  • It's not the end of the world - yes you cut the mole under your arm shaving, no - it's not going to give you cancer. And no, it's not the last time you'll do it.
  • Chicken doesn't make your boobs bigger, so stop scoffing it and hoping for bigger boobs. They come, don't worry
  • Pay more attention if French, you'll regret not speaking another language when you're older
  • Some friends will come and go, but your true friends will remain. And you have some pretty awesome ones later in life
  • Pernod is a bad idea - stay away from it.
  • Stop trying to grow up so damn quickly - you have plenty of time for that later. Just have fun and enjoy being a teenager
I feel like I am in a really good place in my life now - and as a teenager there were times I was really unhappy. School wasn't great for me. But I wish I could go back now and tell myself it all works out - what is happening will make you stronger, and the person you turn into. You will be happy, you'll be married to your best friends - a man who adores you. You will have incredible best friends (both of which you already know), a job you enjoy and a house you love. Chill out, enjoy the good times and make the most of that figure!
And yes, I really did think eating chicken would help my boobs to grow. Turns out I read the article wrong and it actually meant to use chicken fillets...

What would you tell your teenage self?

Much love, Lisa May

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  1. Love these posts, they are extremely refreshing!


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