12 July 2017

Home Office: Inspiration

For those of you who don't follow me on any of my social channels, I moved house recently! It was stressful, and super exciting. It's the second home we've bought and we absolutely love it. It already feels like home and I can't wait to truly make it ours. I have so many ideas for each different room, and I've really gotten into home inspiration at the moment. So what I thought I'd do is a little home series, where I'll do one post which is all around inspiration for a specific room, and then I'll do a room tour once it's all done. I'd like to do the tour video style so let me know if that's up your street or you'd prefer it to be a blog post.
I thought I'd start this off with my home office. I'm a home worker - no, I'm not a full time blogger - my company is a US based company, with a couple of offices in the UK. The closest one to me is in London, however I'm about two hours out so I'm a remote worker. In my old house I set it all up in my lounge/diner, so essentially work and relaxing were all in the same space and I got really claustrophobic. In the new house however I have a whole seperate room for my office, and I couldn't be more excited about this. Well, I'd be more excited if Sky got off their arse and sorted out my internet so I could actually work from home, but there you go.
My office is in our loft conversion, and I've done it here as opposed to the smallest bedrooom for two reasons. One, it feels completely seperate form the rest of the house, so I'm away from distractions and I feel like I'm actually at work as opposed to sitting somewhere in my house. Secondly, I snack when I'm at home - so having two flights of stairs between me and my food is the perfect remedy. I'm lazy so there's no way I'm going to travel down two flights of stairs for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar.
One thing is super important to me in terms of how my office is going to look, is that I want it to be a happy space. Somewhere I'm actually happy to go everyday, where I feel comfortable, where it's inspiring and relaxing. So I'm definitely feeling a yellow colour scheme. I love yellow and grey together, so for me this is my ideal colour scheme for the space. In this room I'm having my office space - so desk and chair, some shelving and storage, and our grey DFS sofa bed. So where have I been finding my inspiration?
Next (my favourite place to go for home pieces) has an entire "Happiness" collection at the moment, so I'm taking a lot of inspiration from here. I've also ordered some pieces from here already, including these gorgeous bird cushions, this gin cushion (because I like gin now FYI), and these storage boxes. There's so many other pieces from this collection that I love, and more will undoubtable end up in the final room.
In terms of furniture, I've already picked my desk and chair, simply because it was on the top of our list to get done so I could work from home. After a lengthy trip to Ikea, with a few spats thrown in, I ended up with a very practical corner desk and ergonomic chair. Personally I wanted the lovely white typical blogger desk and rounded grey chair - but the husband pointed out it wasn't practical or big enough - so after a few stubborn "but it's so pretty" conversations, I conceded to his logic. My chair is still grey, so I have to give him that. Neither are my ideal, but I'm looking to personalise them, and fancy them up a bit with some decorations like these adorable leaf photo holders, or some yellow photo frames. In terms of shelving, I really like the idea of this shelving unit from Ikea, but it's too big for the space so I'm looking for alternatives. I love the own blocks and it's perfect to store pretty boxes, photos and folders. I also really want to get a grey marble effect side table to go next to the sofa bed, I love the idea of this and it's an extra space for people to put their bits if they stay over, or if I want to chill on the sofa somewhere to put my coffee mug.
Decoration is going to be a big thing for me as I want this space to feel super creative, comfortable and a happy space. I've already ordered two prints from Maggs London, Eat Sleep Create and Let Go to help inspire me. I'm also in love with this gold wire wall grid from UO, which I want to fill with photos and quotes and such and have it sat on the wall behind my monitors. I would like some sort of gallery wall, but the wall I'd put it on is slightly sloped and will have the shelving unit in front of it - so still deciding how I would want to do this. Otherwise, I basically want to fill this room with plants as well. I'm obsessed with this grey planter at the moment, and know exactly where I'd put it. But I also want some fake flowers on my desk to keep it bright, and another plant on the side table, and maybe some smaller ones on the shelving unit.
I'm gradually getting bits and pieces, and will be decorating this soon hopefully. I would love a feature yellow/ochre wall and have the rest a pale grey, and then have some statement yellow patterned curtains and a rug as well to keep it homely. I'm so excited to put this all together and finally make it my own space. And I can't wait to share it with you all when it's done! Let me know if you have any suggestions of things you think will go well or I can take inspiration from as well. I'm all ears...
How would you style your home office?

Much love, Lisa May

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