17 July 2017

The dress that gave me my confidence back

I am not 18 anymore, I do not have the metabolism of a teenager. When I eat an entire bag of chocolate meant to share (seriously, who actually shares these) it’s now going to show somewhere on my body. I do not have the stomach for crop tops. And you know what? I’m completely okay with this.

For a long time I feel like I’ve been holding onto a style that suited my slimmer, size 10 figures. I always had curves, but I was never conscious about how I looked. However, I’m older now. My curves are more pronounced, my body shape has changed and my size has increased. I’m not ashamed to say I’m not a size 10 anymore. Yes, I have days where I wish I was – mainly when I’m trying on products from Topshop – but most days, I’m actually okay with how I am. Yes I do wish my belly was a little bit flatter, I definitely wish my thighs didn’t rub together in the summer, but you know what. Oh well.

I’ve held onto a lot of clothes from my past because I loved them years ago and felt they flattered me then and looked great. They were also the size I was then. But I need to let go of them now. I feel like I’ve finally settled on styles for summer that actually suit my body type, that I’m not uncomfortable wearing or always conscious that I don’t look at stylish as the skinnier girls. I feel like I’ve finally found some pieces that are very “me”, and are very “new me”.

This midi dress is just one of those pieces. I absolutely love the midi style for summer. I always feel really conscious in shorter dresses as I have a large arse, which means they tend to be shorter than they’re supposed to be. Which inevitably means I will likely show my arse off at some point, or I look silly. I don’t have that problem with midi’s. This particular one from Urban Outfitters is the perfect summer day dress. The material is really light and airy, and the fit is perfect. The top of the dress adds something extra chic with the bardot style, and the slit in the skirt makes it a little sexier. There’s so many little extra details that I love, it’s just a very special dress.

I feel like “me” in this dress, and it really is the first piece of clothing in a really long time where I’ve felt comfortable and trendy at the same time. It’s done something to my confidence that I love. I feel sexy, I feel girly and I feel happy. And I feel like I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.

Bravo dress, bravo! Now let's grab all the other colours...

What's your summer style?

Much love, Lisa May

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