1 November 2017

Testing: Failed Dupes for Holy Grail Base Products

Finding a potential dupe for a high end product always gets me super excited. Firstly because it means I can finally stop spending out on the higher end version, and second of all I love sharing dupes with you guys. Now, not every attempt works out the way I hope, so I thought I'd share a couple of those with you today.

I am definitely a blogger who is guilty of generally mainly putting good reviews, and there's a couple reasons behind this. Firstly, I like my space to be a positive, and secondly I'm doing disappointing products and hit and misses over on my channel, so they generally go there. However, I do always find it really interesting to see when a product really hasn't worked out, and why.
A few weeks ago I picked up a drugstore primer and foundation to see if they could save me a few pounds so I didn't have to repurchase two pricey products. So let's see how they worked out..
Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment vs L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base
My skin is a mix of absolutely everything it seems. Sometimes it's oily, sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's absolutely fine. However, I find that mattifying primers tend to work best for me - especially if I'm using more of a dewy foundation like Nars Sheer Glow as it stops me looking super shiny. The Cover FX Primer is great at keeping everything looking super matte all day long, it's a clear gel primer that smooths and perfects the skin. In terms of the anti-acne treatment, I honestly don't notice much of a difference, but in terms of a mattifying base it's perfect. However - it's £29 a pop, so the cost adds up if you go through primer quite quickly like myself. So I thought the L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base would be a good dupe - and at just £8.99 a pop a big cost saver. Again, it's a clear gel that feels very similar - if a little bit wetter - and perfects the skin upon application. Like the Cover FX version, make glides over the top super smoothly and the finish is beautiful. I actually prefer the finish of the L'Oreal one on application than the Cover FX one. But - this is probably where the similarities end. Unfortunately I find the L'Oreal primer just doesn't keep my face looking as matte as long as the Cover FX version, within maybe three hours I'm beginning to look a little bit shiny which is super disappointed. But also - the L'Oreal version breaks me out something rotten. I had a massive break out on areas of my face I don't usually get breakouts, so I figured it was something new I was using. As soon as I stopped using the L'Oreal primer, the breakouts stopped. So this was really disappointed. First impressions it's great, however for longer term use it's just not a good dupe for me. 
Dior Diorskin Forever Liquid Foundation vs Maybelline SuperStay 24H Foundation
You guys the Dior Forever Foundation is probably my holy grail base product, I absolutely love the finish, the longevity and the coverage. It's basically my perfect foundation. However, it's £35 so it's quite a pricy base to repurchase at least three times a year. No matter how much I think it's worth it. So I thought it was time to look for a good dupe. When Maybelline bought out their new SuperStay 24H Foundation a few months ago I thought it would make the perfect candidate. It's full coverage, long wearing with a soft matte finish - and under £10. What could go wrong? Initially I loved this foundation, the coverage was amazing, it felt light and comfortable and I really liked the finish. All ticks so far. However, the more I wore it, the more I saw it's flaws. First of all, this oxidises quite a lot - so although the shade I picked up is a pretty good match, within a couple of minutes contact it darkens and goes a little orange. Very attractive. It doesn't bother me too much because I can generally lighten those areas and disguise it. But not ideal. Secondly, it just doesn't stay in place and doesn't hold it's beautiful finish for as long as I would want it to. The Dior foundation I wore all day for my wedding and my make up looks flawless, the Maybelline version - I can maybe go 6/7 hours before it's look really patchy and even more orange then it was at the beginning of the day. Generally it does keep it's finish, but it's not really any good if it doesn't stay on your face. So although initially this looked to be exactly what I was after, I was left a bit disappointed.
So dupes don't always work. I'm still on the look out for some dupes for these products, so any suggestions please pop them below! But until then, I better get the card out...
Much love, Lisa May x


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