22 November 2017

The Lip Series: Why you need lip liners in your collection

When I was growing up and getting into make up I was adamant I had to avoid lip liners. All I could see was liner around my lips and a paler colour inside. Just, no, so many no's. But, as I get to know make up a little better, play around with it more and understand I have come to the realisation that lip liner is basically a must have, but only when used properly...

Lip liner has many benefits and can add something really great, but they're very much a forgotten make up item. So I thought this month's lip series post should be dedicated to one of my favourite products that deserves a little more love. So let's take a look at how to use them, the benefits and my recommendations.

When used correctly, lip liner can really help to finish off a look, make it look slicker and boost your colour. 
  • Define your lips: you can use lip liner to really define the shape and size of your lips. We've all heard of Kylie Jenner right? Even if you don't want to go that extreme, a lip liner can be great at just evening out the lip shape, and creating a more slick lip look. Create the perfect cupids box, an even shape or over line slightly to create a fuller look. 
  • Prolongs the colour: by using lip liner as a base to your lip look, you can prolong the colour. This works really well with bolder lip shades especially. Much like a primer, it creates a smooth base for your lip product to adhere to, and keeps it in place. It keeps the colour bold, makes it last longer and stops it bleeding or feathering into the skin outside of your lips. 
  • Enhances the colour: when I want to really do a bold lip, lip liner is a must for many reasons, not only does it make it last longer, but it actually boosts the colour. It can really help to bring it to life and make it bright and bold. 

Applying this correctly can make all the difference, definitely on what you really want it to do. 
  • Define your lips: use a harder lip pencils to line the lips as you need, whether you use a nude pencil with a gloss, or a bold colour with a lipstick. The harder lip pencil will make sure the colour doesn't bleed, and makes it more precise. Use a colour that matches the lip product exactly to make sure it all blends together.
  • Prolongs the colour: use a softer lip pencil to fill in your lips and create a smooth base. To help them look a bit plumper focus on lining the outer lips and either leave the middle bare or fill with a slightly lighter colour.
  • Enhances the colour: use a softer lip pencil to fill your lips, and use the colour the best matches your bold shade. It'll just help to boost the shade.

I have a couple lip liner recommendations, some a little bit more pricey and others more purse friendly. I love the MAC Lip Pencils, they're not too pricey compared to some of their other products, and they do pretty much every colour you can think you may need. Personally I love Soar, and Cherry for nude and red lips. Although they're quite hard they aren't dry and they don't tug on the lips so they're really easy to use and long wearing. For a more purse friendly price, I'm obsessed with the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners, you don't get as much of a selection of colours, but they have the basics. East End Snob is a beautiful pink nude that I've repurchased more times than I can count, and Obsession is the perfect winter berry liner. 

Lip liners really do make all the difference to a polished lip look, I always notice a massive difference if I decide not to wear one - especially if I'm using a creamier lipstick. If you only wanted to get a couple, I'd recommend picking a nude up that matches your lip colour, and your most worn lip shade. These will see you well. 

Much love, Lisa May x


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